the ramp up to war on iran

Iran is providing Qaeda operatives with sanctuary to funnel fighters, money and weapons across Middle East, according to Trump administration officials. With Islamic State receding from the spotlight,  The Washington Times has learned that the administration is focusing on the alliance..

people's mujahedin and its quiet war against iran

In 1988, during the confusion of Iran- Iraq War, he fled across Iraqi border, where he met members of People's Mujahedin.. ... In European Parliament, group called Friends of Free Iran advocates on behalf of People's Mujahedin Bundestag, called German Solidarity Committee for Free..

camera op-ed: forty years of misreading iran

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, soon to be dictator of Iran, was some kind of saint, U.S to United Nations, Andrew Young, told Carter administration colleagues as Islamic revolution unfolded Iran. ... The Washington Post, meanwhile, reported that Khomeini was sometimes called Iran's..

us war on iran by other means

By terror on the day that, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted it's no coincidence that Iran is hit # WarsawCircus begins referring to February and anti- Iran conference Warsaw, Poland.. ... According to NYT, he Trump White House has accelerated American program to..

forty years of misreading iran

August 1977, the agency presented a glowing picture of Iran as it prepared to enter the 1980s.. ... The Washington Post, meanwhile, reported that Khomeini was sometimes called Iran's Mahatma Gandhi and unlike what the Shah's propagandists had claimed, the dictator was not going to..

could trump really launch a war with iran?

The agreement imposed embargo on Iran, and that embargo will lift in 2020, allowing Iranians to buy weapons on the international market. ... Bolton and the people around him engineered Afghanistan and Iraq, and knocking out Iran has been their longtime goal. ..

iran: preserving the nuclear deal

The in the year are threefold that Iran, seeing dwindling benefits from its continued adherence to JCPOA, decides to curb or terminate its in the accord, sparking nuclear crisis that U.S and Iran will keep edging toward conflict and that regional frictions between U.S and Iranian allies..

multipolar strategy of iran

Mohammad Ghaderi, editor of Tehran Times, says Iran and Russia can establish in the multipolar world.. ... The reason for this is America has been hostile to Iranian for 40 years, and Islamic Republic of Iran has been getting stronger and the voice of Islamic Revolution has gained more..

iran: prominent labor activist rearrested

Iran's security agencies are using smear campaigns, torture, and forced confessions against activists like Ismael Bakhshi and Sepideh Gholian, said Michael Page, Middle East at Human Rights Watch.. ... Iran's government-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting has long history..

1979: iran and america

Washington advocated on behalf of Iran, then occupied by Allied powers, during Paris Peace Talks after World War I, and again after the second, when Russian troops helped instigate secessionist movements Iran and refused to withdraw as agreed.. ... The coup was momentous turning point..

the iran nuclear deal: a timeline

August sanctions covered the purchase or acquisition of U.S bank notes by the Government of Iran Iran's trade gold and other precious metals graphite, aluminum, steel, coal and software used in industrial processes transactions relating to Iranian rial activities relating to..

inside the beltway: iran hardliners vs iran

Kurdish aspirations Iran, Iraq and Syria, and assistance for Iranian Arabs in Iranian of Khuzestan and Baloch. ... While Trump administration has explained its hard line towards Iran roll back its regional influence, and ensure that Islamic Republic will never be able to develop nuclear..

europe finally sanctions iran

Europe Finally Sanctions Iran . . . Europe Finally Sanctions Iran . And American-Turkish relations sour. . ... Europe has finally recognized Iran’s deliberate attempts to harm its security. ..

iran confirms arrest of us national

Iran's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday confirmed the recent arrest of U.S Iran's northeastern city of Mashhad, IRNA news agency reported.. Months ago, American, Michael White, was arrested Iran's Mashhad city, and Iran informed American of the detention through U.S..

europe's new "munich": iran

According to Bild, Gabriel met Ali Larijani and Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who is in charge of Iran's support for terror groups in Middle East. Europe sees no trouble in appeasing country such as Iran, which calls for destroying Israeli Jews and denying Holocaust.. ..

iran at war

Iran's big allies, Russia, Turkey and China, along with lesser powers like North Korea and Cuba, do not seem to me to crave war with us and Israelis.  ..

iran: rumors of war

That somewhere else is Iran, and Bolton is one of the leading voices calling for confronting Teheran regime and squeezing Iran through draconian sanctions until the pips squeak.. ... For over 18 years he has reported on Iran. ..

sanctions on iran show us government's hypocrisy

Sanctions on Iran show hypocrisy. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said of Iran, Our objective is to starve Iranian of the revenue it uses to fund violent and destabilizing activities throughout Middle East and, indeed, around the world... ... Yet now U.S hits Iran with sanctions..

israel's rage for war on iran

In November 2017, former Obama secretary of state John Kerry said Israel, Saudis and Egypt pushed Obama to bomb Iran before JCPOA nuclear deal was concluded.. Israeli and US hardliners are looking for ways to provoke Iran into something perhaps leading to direct confrontation, way to..

american double-standards on iran

By secretly smuggling technology to, Washington also argues that Iran threatens the stability of Middle East'terrorist outfits like Hamas and Hezbollah. ... It's instructive to note that the hostility and the repeated threats of annihilation have gotten Washington nowhere with Iran,..

why iran needs a war economy

Indeed, the plan of economy should not be very difficult for Iran to implement Iran embarked on extensive state-guided management that provided for both its military and civilian needs. ... The main facing Iran today is, therefore, not lack of knowledge or practical experience..

iran celebrates national exports day

Sun 21, October Iran celebrates National Exports Day. By number of senior officials including, Iran's National Day of Exports was celebrated on Sunday in attended First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri, Reza Rahmani, the minister for industry, mining and trade, and Mohammad Shariatmadari,..

israel, iran and the bush administration

Early this February study released at conference by Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University predicted that Iran would behave with nuclear weapons and that the elimination of Israel is not considered to be essential national interest for it. ... Baker knew about the secret..

iran warns us against targeting syrian army

Iran warns US against targeting Syria army . Mon Oct 3, 2016 5:27AM . . . . . ... Iran has been offering Syria advisory military help. Russia, another Syrian ally, has been conducting an aerial bombardment campaign against militant positions in Syria on a request from Damascus. . . . . . ...

bush, merkel united on iran

Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at White House for her first visit presented united front on Iran, ers that Iran's behavior was unacceptable and that they would work together to resolve the crisis through diplomatic means.. ... United States and Germany should send message to..

iran-trained operatives in iraq, u.s. says

The officials cited intelligence reports that said the operatives include members of the military wing of Iraqi exile group that operates from Iran with that government's training and support. ... They suggests that Iran, in shaping developments in southern Iraq, whose population - like..

welcome to iran focus

Iran 26 September 2018... London, 26 Sep - Back May, EU diplomats to stop trying to protect EU investment Iran.. Now, just six weeks European diplomats are admitting that he was right, noting that EU has failed to create workable legal shield for its companies Iran that will..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

By the other parties to the agreement, The symbolism of IRGC decision, is that Iran is prepared to engage in discussions on JCPOA and its future, knowing that any concessions will be welcomed. ... By contrast, his hostility to Iran is unremitting more sanctions are coming on stream,..

iran-russia-syria cooperation results showing’

The valuable results of the cooperation among Iran, Syria, Russia and the resistance front in the genuine fight against terrorism are constantly emerging in the political spheres and battlefields, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said in meeting with..

trump threatens iran with a catastrophic war

Earlier this month, Rouhani, said that were Iran denied the right to export its oil it might close Strait of Hormuz.. ... The re-subjugation of Iran would give the US stranglehold over the oil resources of Middle East, One Road strategy to deepen the integration of Eurasia.. ..

trump: 'iran is taking over iraq'

Republican Nominee Donald Trump, said terror-sponsor of Iran will ultimately benefit from the operation... ... Ryan Zinke, member of House Armed Services Committee who served has warned that Iran's influence Iran is problematic and will lead to a horrific scenario... ..

brian edwards on us culture in iran

BRIAN EDWARDS What's interesting about American culture and other global cultures play Iran, Egypt, Morocco, and other parts of Middle East and North Africa is that it's part of the landscape that is coming from United States, and does not always carry the overwhelming mark of Americanness. ... ..

iran, russia assistance crucial to syria’

Press TV has interviewed Mark Sleboda, international relations and security analyst in Moscow, about Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani saying trilateral meeting between the defense ministers of Iran, Russia and Syria Tehran indicates that Russia, Syria..

iran: free woman in sports protest case

Iran's judiciary should quash the conviction of Ghoncheh Ghavami for propaganda against the state release Human Rights Watch said today. ... Nevertheless, on November, Asian Volleyball Confederation announced that it had selected Iran to co-host Asian Men's Volleyball Championships. ..

iran as a progressive state

if decade's worth of reports in the literature are to be believed, only one country in the world does not suffer from Iran. While United States begins renewed debate on the birth control and organizations like Planned Parenthood every so often, Iran was once known to have one of the..

what really happened in iran

Watching Iran's economy collapse and fearing that the crisis could lead to takeover, religious leaders such as Ayatollah Abul-Qasim Kashani began to shift their allegiances.. ... During January, Loy Henderson, U.S ambassador, that there will be in  Iran 30 days.   ..

iran: new arrests of labor activists

The latest round of arrests took place Iran's Tehran, East Azerbaijan and Kurdistan provinces. ... Iran is also member of International Labour Organization, and has so far refused to sign covenants 87 and 98 of ILO treaty... ..

iran university targeted

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's leader issued Monday paving the way for takeover of the university, crushing blow to the nation's moderates. The Islamic Azad University is the center of power for former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, noted pragmatist and supporter of Iran's moderates...

iran threatens retaliation

The process produces low-enriched uranium for power plants -- Iran's professed goal -- enriched uranium for nuclear weapons. ... Security Council has the power to slap economic and political sanctions on Iran. ..

saudi arabia says iran hurts arab cause

CAIRO, EGYPT — Saudi Arabia accused Iran Sunday of seeking to impose alien ideologies on fellow Moslem nations in Arab to the detriment of Arab against Israel.. ... Fahd blamed Iran for continuing the war with Iraq, charging that Iran had ignored every Arab and Islamic effort. ..

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