iran: sanctions threatening health

Human Rights Watch relied on Iranian and US government official statements and analyzed economic and trade data produced by Iran's Central Bank, Iran's Food and Drug Organization, and Eurostat, the office of European Union based Luxembourg.. ... The regulatory and due diligence..

un / iran human rights

SOUNDBITE Javaid Rehman, Special Rapporteur on Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.. Over the I have observed continued worsening of Iran with serious consequences for the realization of economic and social rights. ..

when iran welcomed jewish refugees

And by the time Polish refugees arrived there, and despite continual, low-grade attacks by pro- German Iranian groups, Iran had become center of gravity for Allied soldiers and array of Jewish refugees from Europe, Soviet Central Asia, Iraq, and Caucasus. . ..

iran: record holder of executions - oped

Given the sheer volume of censorship and the prohibition of the activities of human rights groups Iran, particularly executions Iran, and Iran has the number of execution of its citizens in the world per capita.. ... One of the most shocking executions Iran was the..

iran, islam, and banning the bomb

The downpour of chemicals was prodigious Iraqis later confessed to UN inspectors that they had fired 100,000 chemical weapons on Iran. ... The formulation commits Iran to accepting the additional protocols sooner than they were already committed to under JCPOA schedule.. ..

iran-north korea: a nuclear partnership

In with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, that he was tasked with the construction of missile batteries on Iran's of Kish to enhance Islamic Republic's ability to control enemy ships traveling through Strait of Hormuz. ... According to National Interest, Iran has the..

us senator: war with iran 'disastrous'

By pulling out of the agreement it's the view of Europe that this is American problem rather Cardin told guest host John Roberts, saying, We isolated United States rather than isolating Iran... ... TEHRAN - The volume of trade between Iran and Slovakia has witnessed significant increase..

media war on nonbelligerent iran

WaPo editors featured it against nonbelligerent Iran — ignoring US-led NATO, Israeli, and Saudi crimes multiple countries.. ... Fact Warmaking and other provocations are US, NATO, Israeli, Saudi specialties, not how nonbelligerent Iran operates.. ..

how stalin tried to annex iran

How Stalin tried to annex Iran . . Sept 10 2019 . Boris Egorov . . . . . . ... In August 1941, Soviet and British troops invaded Iran. Despite declaring its neutrality in the global conflict, Iran’s ties to the Third Reich were deemed too close for comfort. ..

iran condemns us unilateralism against civilians

Economic terrorism of United States against Cuba, China, Russia, Syria, Iran and others has targeted civilians. ... TEHRAN - Head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali said on Friday that the US is not adding that Washington is even unable to detain..

the first israel-iran war

Waging war against Iran would be adventure of completely different scale, the likes of. ... Even if, theoretically, Israel were to have IDF in its entirety engage Iran Syria in attempt to eradicate its presence there, we would be hard-pressed to assume the campaign would indeed..

iraqi writer: iran is exploiting iraq

Paris-Based Iraqi Writer Hilal Al-Obaidi Iran is Exploiting Iraq Order to Confront Israel Iraq Is No Position to Fight Israel, Its Sons Must Be Rescued. ... He said that Iraq is in no position to confront Israel that it has no interest in the conflict between Iran and United States, and..

iran: the regional threat explained

Iraq now risks being drawn into the escalating tensions between the US and Iran, as the US seeks to maintain the loyalty of the government it created and Iran seeks to create another Shiite tributary state in. The two countries have clashed almost constantly since the Revolution, with..

war with iran is the mother of all wars - iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is seen during meeting with Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and with deputies and Senior directors of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tehran, Iran, August 6, 2019. ... Peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, war with Iran is..

russia and iran expand military cooperation

Iran and Russia are able to confront the intervention and greed of United States through cooperation, synergy and activating strategic potential capacities.  .. ... Moscow and Tehran may also strengthen in Caspian Sea, its waters bordering five regional countries, including Russia and..

the european union's appeasement of iran

Mogherini excused Iranian defiance by arguing that Iran's action of breaking the enrichment level limits, does not, essence, stand for breaking Frankly, that was rather evasive way to do nothing except ignore Iran's gross violation of the agreement... At the time, Iran's Atomic..

iran: the case against war

There is some truth to the allegation that Iran provides haven for jihadists. ... The disorder created by US invasion would leave Iran open to warfare among its ethnic minorities, portending the fragmentation that worried US intelligence during Iran Iraq War. ..

iran vs. spineless europe

Iran could refer the issue to Joint Commission for resolution similarly, if any of E3 EU+3 believed that Iran was not meeting its commitments under this JCPOA, any of E3 EU+3 could do the same. ... Do they want to incite war with Iran, action, like Iran seizing UK in..

iran, hezbollah preparing to attack israel?

He repeated Big Lie claim about Iran threatening the destruction of Israel, adding IDF warplanes can reach every place in Middle East, including Iran and, certainly, Syria... ... Yukiya Amano should stress that Iran remains compliance to its JCPOA obligations while the US,..

for regime change in iran -

Even without nuclear weapons, Iran has been responsible for mayhem, including the killing of hundreds of American troops, mainly through material support to both Sunni and Shiite terror networks.. ..

“bomb, bomb, bomb iran

U.S has sent masses of troops to Middle East to ready for war against Iran and has made charges that are unproven that Iran attacked oil tankers. ... war with Iran will lead to mayhem across world. And shockingly, war was averted at the last minute by the fact that Donald..

iran shoots down american drone

This attack on one of U.S military's most advanced and expensive drones followed attempt by Iran to shoot down American drone on June 13th and attack by Iran-supported Houthi forces Yemen that succeeded in taking down American drone on June 6th. ... Trump administration, for instance,..

trump against war on iran?

Following June Gulf of Oman incident and other regional ones May, blamed on Iran, with US likely Israeli fingerprints all over them, Pompeo's rhetoric sounded like he's with Bolton for war on the country.. ... Bipartisan hawks Washington want Iran returned to US client state status,..

war on iran

For it was Trump who pulled us out of Iran nuclear deal, France, Germany, Russia, China — Tehran was complying with its terms.. ... In piece titled, America Can Face Down Fragile Iran, the pair make the case that Trump should squeeze Iranian regime relentlessly and not fear military..

no war on iran!

Why on earth would Iran attack Japanese oil tanker at the moment when the minister of Japan was visiting Iran. ... He made the appeal right who had blamed Iran for the attacks and called Iran nation of terror... ..

of course iran hawks want war with iran

Advocates of attacking Iran have often exaggerated the ease and speed of military action against Iran, and they fail to take how costly and destructive such conflict would be. is Stephens proposal absurd overreaction, and it also confirms that many Iran hawks do want to have war..

iran that resists: expert

PRAVDA - The American from JCPOA, the nuclear between United States and Iran, opened the door to more their people pay the consequences.. ... Their move was in the same way, International Atomic Energy Agency, had the habit of insinuating that Iran was planning the bomb. ..

why does washington hate iran?

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan announced May that Pentagon had plans to send 120,000 troops in the event that Iran attacked American forces in Middle East, or if Iran resumed work that could lead to nuclear weapons.. The US had intelligence that Iran was planning to..

targeting iran

US targeting of Iran is travesty of justice for the simple reason that UN's nuclear inspection agency, International Atomic Energy Agency, has reiterated over and over again that Iran has complied with the nuclear deal. ... How and why Saudi and Israeli elite interests and ambitions are..

an attack on iran

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as Iran nuclear deal, imposed strict, new, verifiable restrictions on Iranian nuclear-related activities and was agreed to July 2015 by Iran, U.S., Russia, China, France, U.K., Germany and European Union.. ... Today the geography has shifted..

-iran standoff: iran 1-u.s. 0

In the current round of simian chest-thumping between U.S and Iran, initiated by John Bolton, we're definitely not winning. ... Amongst Donald Trump's many infantile traits is belief that having been paid twenty million dollars to start war with Iran by Sheldon Adelson, he has to at..

destabilising iran – countercurrents

., Kurdish aspirations Iran, Iraq and Syria, and assistance for Iranian Arabs in the province of Khuzestan, and Baloch. ... The International Crisis Group, of affairs on the anniversary of the agreement, quoted Trump administration official nine months after the withdrew from the accord, yet to..

eu's collusion with iran

This is why European Union will continue to work to preserve the nuclear with Iran, added Mogherini. the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, in recent interview with Iran's state-owned Channel 2, made it clear that the nuclear deal., initiated by..

is iran winning in yemen?

Iran also sees Yemen both ground and naval, in the countries and ports of Red Sea littoral. ... In December 2014, Reuters news agency confirmed, that Iran had been supplying weapons, money and training to Houthis before and after their takeover of Sanaa. ..

iran designates us military

Just hours Iran's ministry has put forward a bill placing US Central Command on list of organizations designated as terrorists, akin to Daesh.. ... It underscores the fact that Iran's actions are fundamentally different from those of other governments. ..

nuclear deal with iran

Today, Monday, as its toughest sanctions yet on Iran. They take aim at the country's oil industry, sector and industry. After signing the pact with Iran 2015 the US had suspended its sanctions. ..


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forty years of misreading iran

August 1977, the agency presented a glowing picture of Iran as it prepared to enter the 1980s.. ... The Washington Post, meanwhile, reported that Khomeini was sometimes called Iran's Mahatma Gandhi and unlike what the Shah's propagandists had claimed, the dictator was not going to..

iran: preserving the nuclear deal

The in the year are threefold that Iran, seeing dwindling benefits from its continued adherence to JCPOA, decides to curb or terminate its in the accord, sparking nuclear crisis that U.S and Iran will keep edging toward conflict and that regional frictions between U.S and Iranian allies..

multipolar strategy of iran

Mohammad Ghaderi, editor of Tehran Times, says Iran and Russia can establish in the multipolar world.. ... The reason for this is America has been hostile to Iranian for 40 years, and Islamic Republic of Iran has been getting stronger and the voice of Islamic Revolution has gained more..

iran: prominent labor activist rearrested

Iran's security agencies are using smear campaigns, torture, and forced confessions against activists like Ismael Bakhshi and Sepideh Gholian, said Michael Page, Middle East at Human Rights Watch.. ... Iran's government-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting has long history..

1979: iran and america

Washington advocated on behalf of Iran, then occupied by Allied powers, during Paris Peace Talks after World War I, and again after the second, when Russian troops helped instigate secessionist movements Iran and refused to withdraw as agreed.. ... The coup was momentous turning point..

inside the beltway: iran hardliners vs iran

Kurdish aspirations Iran, Iraq and Syria, and assistance for Iranian Arabs in Iranian of Khuzestan and Baloch. ... While Trump administration has explained its hard line towards Iran roll back its regional influence, and ensure that Islamic Republic will never be able to develop nuclear..

europe finally sanctions iran

Europe Finally Sanctions Iran . . . Europe Finally Sanctions Iran . And American-Turkish relations sour. . ... Europe has finally recognized Iran’s deliberate attempts to harm its security. ..

europe's new "munich": iran

According to Bild, Gabriel met Ali Larijani and Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who is in charge of Iran's support for terror groups in Middle East. Europe sees no trouble in appeasing country such as Iran, which calls for destroying Israeli Jews and denying Holocaust.. ..

iran at war

Iran's big allies, Russia, Turkey and China, along with lesser powers like North Korea and Cuba, do not seem to crave war with America and Israelis.  ..

iran: rumors of war

have had little effect on Russia and failed to produce regime change Cuba — the next logical step, in his new book Iran Agenda Today The Real Story Inside Iran And What's Wrong with U.S. ... The fact that U.S overthrew Iran's elected in 1953, and backed Saddam Hussein's..

the victims of iran sanctions

there is tremendous uncertainty about whether doing any Iran will be safe for European and other foreign companies. ... Iran's minister has told Spanish newspaper that his country will not change its policies in the face of United States sanctions, .. ..

american double-standards on iran

By secretly smuggling technology to, Washington also argues that Iran threatens the stability of Middle East'terrorist outfits like Hamas and Hezbollah. ... It's instructive to note that the hostility and the repeated threats of annihilation have gotten Washington nowhere with Iran,..

bush, merkel united on iran

Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at White House for her first visit presented united front on Iran, ers that Iran's behavior was unacceptable and that they would work together to resolve the crisis through diplomatic means.. ... United States and Germany should send message to..

welcome to iran focus

Iran 26 September 2018... London, 26 Sep - Back May, EU diplomats to stop trying to protect EU investment Iran.. Now, just six weeks European diplomats are admitting that he was right, noting that EU has failed to create workable legal shield for its companies Iran that will..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

By the other parties to the agreement, The symbolism of IRGC decision, is that Iran is prepared to engage in discussions on JCPOA and its future, knowing that any concessions will be welcomed. ... By contrast, his hostility to Iran is unremitting more sanctions are coming on stream,..

iran as a progressive state

if decade's worth of reports in the literature are to be believed, only one country in the world does not suffer from Iran. While United States begins renewed debate on the birth control and organizations like Planned Parenthood every so often, Iran was once known to have one of the..

what really happened in iran

Watching Iran's economy collapse and fearing that the crisis could lead to takeover, religious leaders such as Ayatollah Abul-Qasim Kashani began to shift their allegiances.. ... During January, Loy Henderson, U.S ambassador, that there will be in  Iran 30 days.   ..

iran university targeted

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's leader issued Monday paving the way for takeover of the university, crushing blow to the nation's moderates. The Islamic Azad University is the center of power for former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, noted pragmatist and supporter of Iran's moderates...

iran threatens retaliation

The process produces low-enriched uranium for power plants -- Iran's professed goal -- enriched uranium for nuclear weapons. ... Security Council has the power to slap economic and political sanctions on Iran. ..

claim: iran nukes in tunnels

WASHINGTON -- Iran has expanded the tunnels it uses to hide major part of its nuclear weapons program to network covering area of southeastern Tehran, Iranian exile. ... North Korean experts have cooperated with Iran in the design and building of the complex, producing blueprints, for..

the women of iran

photo of in Qajari era, taken by Antoin Sevruguin, Iran's leading photographer at the turn of the twentieth century.. ... Kurdish girls in Qajari Sevruguin′s journeys through Iran also took him to the country′s northwestern territory. ..

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