democrats need to be more democratic

In tiny, mostly Iowa, much whiter than in most of America, pair of septuagenarian proven losers — former vice-president Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. ... Yet among Iowa's population of three million people, 91 cent are white, less barely three African- American.. ..

iowa judge rules ‘heartbeat’ abortion law

Iowa Supreme Court held that woman's right to decide whether to terminate pregnancy is fundamental right under Iowa Constitution, using scrutiny, wrote Huppert in his decision.. ACLU of Iowa Legal Director Rita Bettis said in statement released Tuesday that the decision was a..

minimum wage tracker

Annual increases based on the percentage change in CPI-U for Midwest for the calendar year. 2015, by county ordinance* *On March 30, 2017, Iowa's governor signed HF 295, bill that nullified Johnson County's ordinance, and preempted any Iowa from establishing higher than the wage. Linn..

california moves primary date to march 3rd

The enormous amount of votes up for grabs that day, coupled with the astronomical price tag of competing California, — especially white and Iowa and New Hampshire. ... The result of moving up the primary date California could have is the fact that it means that early voting in the state will..

iowa center for public affairs journalism

Jefferson County southeast Iowa is home to Fairfield, cultural blend of old Iowan farmers, international students and free thinkers attracted by the lure of Maharishi University of Management, hub for education and Iowa... ... During the 1920's Ku Klux Klan was present Iowa,..

election day political opposites in iowa

Sioux County, the connector for these counties, is Republican county in group, and Iowa.. ... Dahms said the presence of the University of Iowa and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is the in the county's political leanings, bringing many young people, tend to be more..

iowa re-examined sexual predator law

Iowa officials faced the same issues, and April settled things by doing something Florida has not found the political will to do change its predator law.. ... In Iowa, both were classified as sex offenders and had to register and live outside the 2,000-foot zone.. ..

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