most ufo sightings by state from 2001-2015

Mississippi • 2001-2015 sightings 100K 21.3 • Total sightings 636 • Population sq mile 64 • Households without internet 23.1% 49. ... Alaska • 2001-2015 sightings 100K 64.1 • Total sightings 474 • Population sq 1 • Households without internet 11.6% 7. ..

european union intensifies internet censorship

Yesterday, the majority of MEPs voted in favour of directive which, under the guise of copyright reforms, would enforce the use of so-called upload filters in media, thus further restricting the internet.. ... The consequences are internet giants such as YouTube and Facebook, being..

the link between authoritarianism, power retention and

it's that the authoritarian state is so brutal or commanding that civil society or opposition organising and protests online and offline are unfathomable or internet control measures in place render ordering internet disruptions unnecessary.. ... governments that order disruptions and..

someone is lying on the internet

Someone is Lying on the Internet . by Em Carpenter · March 7, 2019 . Random internet videos are as trustworthy as gas station sushi on a summer afternoon. ... Take, for example, the following video that found its way around the internet this week, purporting to show the..

president: internet cooperation essential

  President Xi Jinping called for cooperation among countries to advance mutual trust and in his congratulatory letter to the Fifth World Internet Conference, Zhejiang province, on Wednesday..   Despite different conditions and challenges, countries across the world share the need to..

monthly review

Weber, eds., The Evolution of Global Internet Policy New Principles and Forms of Governance In the Making. and Richard Hill, The Future of Internet Governance Dystopia, Utopia, or Realpolitik., Lorenzo Pupillo, ed., The Global Internet Governance In Transition .. ↩This could..


Internet/Telecom . Internet/Telecom . . . . . . Friday delivered us an amazing headline containing an amazing quote. . . . . ... Internet/Telecom  (671) . Legal Affairs  (331) . Liberty  (698) . Media  (290) . ..

why the internet is better than god

That's the advantage the Internet has over Lord is that you can ask the internet quite specific questions. ... But with the Internet, you can be much more specific.  Ca not download Deadwood off you, either... ..

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