political powerlessness is expensive -

Speaking live on CNN indirectly Omar, and wound up condemning all forms of hate, Pelosi looked like deer caught in the headlights, stuck between one of Democrats traditional constituencies and the insurgent progressive base... ..

sanders and the left

For moment, it seemed, the rhetoric of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, in challenging the coronation of Hillary Clinton in Democratic primaries, injected semblance of reality and raised expectations in election season involving two deeply unpopular candidates.1 . ..

oup launches publication on family law

Oxford University Press launched its publication 'Family Laws Pakistan co-authored by Muhammad Zubair Abbasi and Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema. This book provides the latest and updated account of the principles and practices of family laws Pakistan. ..

international organizations

The International Monetary Fund, both criticized and lauded for its efforts to promote stability, continues to find at the forefront of global economic crisis management.. ..

libya’s economic reforms fall short

By militias from outside the capital since, Libya has seen two major confrontations recent months standoff between Libyan National Army and the west-based internationally-recognised government over the control of revenues from oil installations in Gulf of Sirte June-July, and recurrent attacks on Tripoli..

watch list 2018 – third update

Enhance monitoring of the implementation of economic reforms, press Government of National Accord and the Central Bank of Libya to limit the allocation of funds on preferential exchange rate, and prevent fraudulent letters of credit, as in the past.. ..

westlake university a model of reform

The founding of Westlake University, China's first university aimed at cultivating high-level in advanced technology, marks significant step in efforts to reform the sector and innovation, Ministry of Education said... ..

faculty and staff briefs: november 2017

Dennis Slice, Ph.D received this year's Rohlf Medal Award from his Stony Brook University for excellence in his body of work on the development of new morphometric methods or for their applications in the biomedical sciences, including biology, biology, anthropology and medicine.. ..


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