power of new york, texas hinges on immigrant count

Yet if the bureau’s estimate bears out, Texas could lose out on some or all of its projected gain in seats, and New York would almost certainly lose at least one despite its response efforts, according to analyses by California-based demographics and mapping firm Esri, the Public Policy Institute of..

stop treating government with respect – reason.com

This emulated the Obama administration's earlier Operation Choke Point scheme by which 'powerful bank regulatory agencies engaged in an effort of intimidation and threats to put legal industries they dislike out of business,' according to John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute...

enrollment up at 9 ny law schools, down at 6

Some of New York’s top-rated schoolNew York University School of Law, Cornell Law School and Fordham University School of Law—did just that. ... The rest of the New York schools—Brooklyn Law School, New York Law School and Pace Law—were all..


Albany ...

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