supreme court adds 8 cases to docket - jurist - news

Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media considers whether the government is required to withhold confidential information not publicly disclosed about businesses by default or whether the business has to demonstrate that disclosure would cause substantial competitive harm for the data to be..

howard school of law celebrates 150 years

The enduring legacies of Thurgood Marshall, Charles Hamilton Houston, Patricia Roberts Harris and countless other graduates of Howard University School of Law are on full display this year as the school celebrates its Sesquicentennial anniversary.. ... David Harris, managing director of..

the yellow vests shake macron

On December 8, there were numerous clashes in different cities, particularly around the prefectures — symbols of the state.[2] Police violence and repression increased tenfold: more than 1,000 arrests, meaning a large number of “preventive” arrests, a tenfold increase in the use of attacks the marches..

crazy, diverse asians

While certain Asian groups have higher shares of their populations holding high-level academic degrees, other Asian groups–especially those fleeing their home countries because of violence and persecution–have higher proportions holding less than a high-school diploma. ..

cesare battisti’s french connection - france

Cesare Battisti Timeline 1954   Born Cisterna di Latina on December. 1971   Leaves school, turns to crime. 1976   Moves to Milan, becomes active with PAC. 1978   Former prime Aldo Moro is kidnapped on March and assassinated on May by Red Brigades. ..

david j. barron

William Green Visiting Professor of Public Law at Harvard Law School. He graduated from Harvard College in 1989 and Harvard Law School in 1994. ..

benjamin i. sachs

 Prior to joining Harvard in 2008, Professor Sachs was Joseph Goldstein Fellow at Yale Law School.   ... In 2007, Professor Sachs received Yale Law School teaching award.  He is also the recipient of Sacks-Freund Award for Teaching Excellence at Harvard Law School, and the..

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