“climate change is a [cultural] marxist hoax”

Resources Minister Matt Canavan says students “don’t learn anything” by walking out of school and protesting, as a major climate change march looms. . ... “I want kids to be at school to learn about how you build a mine, how you do geology, how you drill for oil and gas,” he says...

presstv-us women earn half the income of men: study

The report, released on Wednesday by Washington-based Institute for Women's Policy Research, found that the gender pay gap between 2001 and 2015 has been greater than it was assumed.. ... Much ink has been spilled debating whether the commonly cited measure of the wage gap - that women earn 80..

throwback thursdays

December 12, 2000 TORRINGTON Children sing song at Beth El Synagogue Sunday during Hanukkah party hosted by Beth El Religious School Torrington. ... December 4, 2002 TORRINGTON Beth El Synagogue Religious School Marcia Lowe places Chamesh back in place after lighting six candles..

few kentucky police share asset forfeiture details

The Attorney General can institute civil actions to recover the money, the law says, and the office or Justice and Public Safety Cabinet secretary could initiate inquiry.. ... Damon Thayer, Republican from Georgetown and leader, said there is movement of people from both sides of the aisle..

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