mystic women of india: helavanakatte giriyamma

Mystic Women of India: Helavanakatte Giriyamma . » Columnists . Dr. Sheeba Rakesh . . . ... Although, young girls were not fortunate enough to be educated in medieval India-a practice starkly opposed to the ancient vedic times-Giriyamma was lucky enough to have received education at home. ..

250 million strike in india

Ten India trade union federations called one-day general strike on January against the government's economic policies .. ... BJP's majority is result of the fragmentation of opposition and India's first-past-the-post electoral system.. ..

modi's 'two nations' theory roils india

Bangladesh Liberation War, How India, U.S, China and USSR Shaped Outcome, and. ... They shivered fear that Hindus would control Muslims in India once British left, unless there were safeguards enshrined in the constitution. ..

hindus-muslim clash 72 years after britain left india

The crux of the problem that India faced before the partition stemmed from differences between Congress and League as to the conditions under. ... On the contrary, India is concept that separates Hindus from their ancient heritage it's championed by the nationalists. ..

india: the next apartheid state?

British India known as the raj consisted of massive, ethnically diverse mega-state that included the modern countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Burma. Ever it's fact that India's democracy is withering away in except name. ..

why did india revoke article 370?

On August 5, 2019, Indian Union Home Minister Amit Shah fired bomb shell by announcing that Government of India revoked Article 370 of Indian Constitution. ... Pakistan also decided to expel Indian High Commissioner and suspend the diplomatic ties with India. ..

india gambles on its kashmir strategy

On August, Bharatiya Janata Party New Delhi announced the revocation of Article 370, in Indian constitution that governs the relationship of the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir with India. ... BJP and other opponents of Article 370 have long insisted that the constitutional provisions prevent..

government rules in india regarding ola and uber

In India, the ministry of road transport has issued guidelines for ride hailing services such as Uber and Ola ( ANI Technologies Pvt. ... The government's guidelines would be layer of regulatory requirements, said Sandeep Ladda, partner and leader of the technology and e-commerce practice at..

india: rights groups harassed over foreign funding

The allegations and charges against Lawyers Collective appear to be attempt to silence Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International India said. ... Home Affairs Ministry told the court that the group used foreign funding to share information with United Nations special rapporteurs and foreign..

trump's trade war expands to india

While President's trade war with China has been the one garnering the most headlines and has had the biggest impact on world financial markets, there's also been quieter trade war going on with India, and New Delhi is beginning to respond to it. India's action affects estimated $241 in..

modi's party wins in a landslide in india

Trends in the data suggest that BJP strategy of pursuing India paid off, with the party breaking into the citadels of Trinamool Congress Party West Bengal state and Biju Janata Dal Odisha state. Coalition partners of Congress-led New Delhi between 2004 and 2008, Communist Party of India..


In the 27 cases of journalists murdered for their work India there have been no convictions. The cases of Jagendra Singh, Akshay Singh, and Umesh Rajput, show how small-town journalists face greater risk in their reporting and how India's of impunity is leaving the country's press..

vanishing muslims from india`s political landscape

Christophe Jaffrelot, while writing in his book, 'Majoritarian State How Hindu Nationalism Is Changing India says, The formation of Hindu vote bank by BJP, prompted other parties except in areas with Muslim majority. ... Both had come from Rajya Sabha, given that there was none among BJP MPs in..

india prepares to vote in world's biggest election

Amit Shah, President of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, Ahmedabad, India, March 30, 2019... ... worker displays T-shirts with images of Chief Minister of West Bengal state Mamata Banerjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India's Congress party Chief Rahul Gandhi and logo..

us-china trade war: what india must do

To the young ladies who are present here today, let me express the hope and wish of Symbiosis family that all of you will do well in your chosen careers, that some of you will break the still existing glass ceilings in our country and that some of you will represent India in international forums..

where do muslims stand in india!

By the duty to promote harmony and the spirit of brotherhood amongst all the people of, KASHMIR - The Constitution of India enshrines in article 51A that every citizen is bound India transcending religious diversities. ... The Reserve Bank of India's efforts to extend banking and..

elections diminish democracy in india

Large hoardings Jaipur, the capital of one of the five poll-bound states India, call upon the voters to celebrate the democracy festival tyohar, Hindi word for religious festival. ... Coming back to the current poll season India, the democratic spirit vanishing from the outwardly..

india still awaits effective anti-graft mechanisms

India’s long struggle to set up a secular and effective anti-corruption mechanism continues. ... Opinion India Central Bureau of Investigation CBI Controversy Central Vigilance Commission Alok Verma Rakesh Asthana Enforcement Directorate RAW ED CBI IPS Narendra Modi CIVSCBI Supreme Court..

india, enforce protection for "untouchables"

In 1949, Article 17 of India's constitution abolished the concept of untouchability, and in 1989, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act was implemented to protect subjugated groups from the tyranny of upper-caste members. Needless to say, India, the largest..

-india nuclear deal

Critics argued that the plan would ruin the regime and boost India's nuclear arsenal. The nuclear fuel that the deal would provide, they say, could India's uranium for use in its weapons program. ..

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