edwin black

In February 2016, he was awarded Moral Compass Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Naples Holocaust Museum. Inside Israel's secret mission to eliminate Syrian nuclear power.. ..

al jazeera: 'jews exploit holocaust'.

Further along, exploited Holocaust for their agenda and made the world focus on their murders and forget the other victims reparations that Israel received were disproportionate... But Israel who benefitted the most from Holocaust uses the same pretexts as Nazis to..

anti-semitism in europe: cnn exclusive poll

Attitudes sharpened when it comes to the relationship between the Holocaust, Israel, Jews and anti-Semitism. . . ... However, a third of people CNN surveyed said that Israel uses the Holocaust to justify its actions, with half the respondents in Poland agreeing. ..

holocaust denial, dementia and israel

The connection between relegating Holocaust to non-existence and doing the same with the relationship between Land of Israel and its people are two forms of denial intended to obliterate Jewish people.. By second set of polls third of, We can see this new trend confirmed Europeans..

trump first, jews later – foreign policy

In a rare move, Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust museum condemned the agreement. . ... The toxic combination of Israel’s alliance with the Christian right and Trump’s racist and xenophobic rhetoric has led to a reality in which, just 70 years after the Holocaust, Israel..

the uses and abuses of anti-semitism

We want to open up a conversation, one in which the ways that anti-Semitism affects both Jewish lives and other communities gets proper weight, but also that will help people to distinguish between actual anti-Semitism and legitimate critique of Israel. . My own Jewish education was very much..

the german reparations question

Israel rejected Germany's $100 million offer demanded that Germany take direct responsibility for Holocaust, and insisted that any settlement make clear that Germany could not buy Israel's forgiveness nor, by extension, the forgiveness of Jewish people.. ... Pursuant to the..

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