german jew-hate

By special killing squads of ordinary, people, and land that created Holocaust. Now, Germany led by Chancellor Merkel is doing business with regime that seeks, in the words of its Ayatollahs and IRGC Hossein Salami, to wipe Jews off the map.. ..

david rising

Germany extends Holocaust compensation to survivor spouses . New York-based advocacy group successfully lobbies German government to continue payments to 30,000 elderly . ..

palestinians: forever refugees

Nazi looting of Jewish property and assets during the Second World War is well documented; as are the continuing attempts to restore stolen property and compensate victims of the Holocaust. Since 1952, Germany alone has paid post-war reparations well over $89 billion. . ..

the new german anti-semitism

Holocaust West Germany became affair of the state and civic groups, giving rise to prevailing erinnerungskultur, or culture of remembrance, that today is most illustrated by the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, funereal 4.7-acre site near Brandenburg Gate Berlin, inaugurated in..

poland since 1918: a turbulent century

Nazi Germany set up number of concentration and death camps in occupied Poland, including Auschwitz camp, making it the epicentre of Holocaust. Nazi Germany set up number of concentration and death camps in occupied Poland including Auschwitz site, making it the epicentre of..

angela merkel’s jewish legacy

When it came to subjects that were taboo in East Germany – like the Holocaust and Israel – Merkel had to learn on her own. . “She often told me that she heard almost nothing during her childhood about the persecution and murder of the Jews, and this is why she was determined to..

the german reparations question

Beginning in the early 1950s, Jews and Jewish organizations argued that, given the breadth of physical and emotional damages inflicted by Germany upon Jews during Holocaust, Germany should be responsible for far more than property losses, thus raising the issue of reparations.. ..

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