the new german anti-semitism

Holocaust West Germany became affair of the state and civic groups, giving rise to prevailing erinnerungskultur, or culture of remembrance, that today is most illustrated by the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, funereal 4.7-acre site near Brandenburg Gate Berlin, inaugurated in..

the inconvenient truth about vaccines

The Nuremberg Trials, of course, were conducted in the aftermath of World War II political, military, judicial, and leadership of Hitler's Germany were tried for their in Holocaust and other war crimes like forced experimentation on prisoners.. ..

jordanian professor: holocaust was an illusion

He suggested that their refusal to apologize is striking because even Europe apologized to the Zionists for 'the illusion of the Holocaust,' even though the Zionists betrayed Europe and brought Germany to its knees such that Hitler 'placed ... . . . . . . . ..

poland since 1918: a turbulent century

Nazi Germany set up number of concentration and death camps in occupied Poland, including Auschwitz camp, making it the epicentre of Holocaust. Nazi Germany set up number of concentration and death camps in occupied Poland including Auschwitz site, making it the epicentre of..

angela merkel’s jewish legacy

When it came to subjects that were taboo in East Germany – like the Holocaust and Israel – Merkel had to learn on her own. . “She often told me that she heard almost nothing during her childhood about the persecution and murder of the Jews, and this is why she was determined to..

the german reparations question

Beginning in the early 1950s, Jews and Jewish organizations argued that, given the breadth of physical and emotional damages inflicted by Germany upon Jews during Holocaust, Germany should be responsible for far more than property losses, thus raising the issue of reparations.. ..

top 15 most evil nazis

At the end of the war he was doing the same to Hungarian Jews and, the number of victims of the holocaust would have been much higher. He fled Germany at the end of the war via ratline to America, and was captured by Mossad Argentina. ..


The euro pleases dispirited people for whom European history is not Chartres and Shakespeare except Holocaust and Somme. and the reciprocated disdain of Germany's demos, demonstrate, Europe remains continent of distinct and unaffectionate peoples. ..

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