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Hagee’s political preaching remained in the realm of the acceptable, including his assertions that AIDs is an incurable plague, God’s curse against a disobedient nation, until an audio clip surfaced in which he preached that what Hitler did in the Holocaust was God’s plan to drive Europe’s..

the german reparations question

The debate regarding legal actions that could be initiated against Germany began soon after World War II, as Jewish organizations argued that Jews had the legal and moral right to damages for losses sustained during Holocaust.. ... Pursuant to the Agreement, West Germany agreed to pay Israel for..

stalin & hitler: mass murder by starvation

Local Russians collaborated in Holocaust on the outskirts of Leningrad, turning Jews, as Reid shows, for the same reasons they had denounced members of other ethnic minorities during Great Terror few years before to take over their apartments for themselves.. ..

jews, poles & nazis: the terrible history

Polish Center for Holocaust Research, 358 pp., zł44.0 . US Holocaust Memorial Museum/Miles and Chris Laks Lerman The sisters Renia, Rosalie, and Chanka Laks, from a prominent Jewish family in Wierzbnik, Poland. ... This basic difference in perspectives, a result of the Holocaust,..

confronting the lies they tell about corbyn

THE BATTLE between Corbyn and his opponents seems to have come to a head over the introduction of the International Holocaust Remembrance Association’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism. ... Given the experience of the Holocaust, it is understandable why Jewish people are alert to the..

gatestone institute

That mendacious and phrase, the banality of evil, should be struck from the vocabulary of Holocaust and the trial of Eichmann, lest we look in the future for banality and miss the brilliance of those. One of the most notorious lines -- and lies -- that grew out of the trial of Adolf Eichmann for..

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