robert mugabe: 1924 - 2019

Robert Mugabe addresses ZANU-PF party's top decision making body, Politburo, Harare, February 10, 2016. ... Robert Mugabe arrives with his Grace for election rally Madziwa, north of Harare, June 21, 2000. ..


Zimbabwe Republic Police officers intentionally shot three teargas canisters into the offices of Harare and then barricaded the doors preventing staff from exiting... ... In March 2015, unknown assailants abducted journalist and government Itai Dzamara Harare, and he remained missing at..

salisbury poisoning: one year on, still no evidence of

UK police later were unable to confirm whether the nerve agent to which the couple were exposed Amesbury was from the batch used to poison Skripals Salisbury. ... In January 2019, Skripals neighbors Salisbury they would be demolishing the spy's house, destroying the crime scene without..

opcw hacking claims prove that russia was behind salisbury

Russia's alleged attempts to hack into OPCW weapons watchdog show that it was 'without doubt behind Salisbury poisonings, Britain's Jeremy Hunt has claimed.. ... On March 4, Sergei Skripal, former colonel Russia's military intelligence service, and his Yulia, were found unconscious on public..


The embassy's press release was issued following a publicationin Daily Telegraph, Russian military officer, and his Yulia in English of Salisbury, ... ... on March former Russian military Sergei Skripal, convicted Russia of spying for Britain, and his Yulia, were exposed to nerve agent of..

david simmons

Stating-the-obvious headline notwithstanding, Peter Salisbury of Chatham House provided rare insights into the machinations that triggered, one of the saddest conflicts or our time. ..

uk charges 2 russians in nerve agent poisoning case

The United Kingdom's Crown Prosecution Service has charged two Russians for their in the attempted poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his Yulia Salisbury, England.. ... Prosecutors contend the men were able to smuggle the nerve agent through customs in modified perfume container,..

alleged 'transition' plan spreads fear

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- Opposition Morgan Tsvangirai on Saturday accused Zimbabwe's authorities of preparing a war against the people to intimidate opposition voters in runoff. ... Our documents would not be circulating around Harare, the spokesman, Nelson Chamisa, said, referring to the..

atrocity trial limit debated

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- John Edlin, New Zealander who is Associated Press`s Harare, remained jailed Zambia for Tuesday, and Zambian officials were quoted as saying he would be questioned before being deported. ..

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