a world of multiple detonators of global wars

Iran faces oil sanctions, military encirclement and attacks on proxy allies namely Yemen, Syria and the Gulf region. Washington relies on Saudi Arabia, Israel and their paramilitary groups to apply military and economic pressure to undermine Iran’s economy and impose a ‘regime change’...

iran: rumors of war

Iran is far more democratic than the absolute monarchies of the Persian Gulf—with which the Washington is closely allied—but it is hardly a democracy. . ..

top story 231

Months after Gulf War, Washington became engrossed in different sort of confrontation over one of Bush's nominees to Supreme Court — Clarence Thomas, little-known federal appeals court judge. ..

state's prison population shrinks

By Freddie Allen NNPA Senior Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON As Gulf Coast residents and policymakers celebrated the recovery of Crescent City on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, advocacy groups challenged the narrative of resilient and better New Orleans by launching..

‘us root cause of mischief in persian gulf’

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy A of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says United States is not authorized to in the affairs of West Asia and Persian Gulf, stressing that Washington is the root cause of in the region... ..

u.s. backtracks on suspects

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Tuesday it will grant the terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay under Geneva Conventions, policy shift for Bush after Supreme Court rejected its plan to use military tribunals to try the detainees.. ..

local bills of interest

SB 666 - Requires that veteran of Persian Gulf War be appointed to Maryland Veterans Commission. Munson, R-Washington, was held Thursday in Senate Education Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.. ..


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