presstv-we do not seek a war with iran: pompeo

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo says the country is not statement running counter to Washington's military buildup in Persian Gulf... CIA chief further repeated Washington's threats against Tehran, claiming that, We have also made clear to Iranians that we will most respond..

iran and us: could it end in war?

So here too, the problem is Iran, where Trump opened second front and sent carrier to Gulf. Washington has called on Iran to discontinue all its nuclear and missile programmes, withdraw its armed forces from Syria, end its destabilising Iraq, Afghanistan and Gulf and stop supporting..


By the community, The US Golan Heights decision, has been met with condemnation, with the UN and even Washington's Persian Gulf and European allies blasting the move.        .. ..

top story 231

Months after Gulf War, Washington became engrossed in different sort of confrontation over one of Bush's nominees to Supreme Court — Clarence Thomas, little-known federal appeals court judge. ..

state's prison population shrinks

By Freddie Allen NNPA Senior Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON As Gulf Coast residents and policymakers celebrated the recovery of Crescent City on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, advocacy groups challenged the narrative of resilient and better New Orleans by launching..

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