That year, American public saw gulf between Clinton and Trump's positions on issues like immigration and federal aid to African Americans than they had perceived between prior Democratic and Republican presidential candidates... ..


By surprise if you hear the In the environment, do not be takenUS has also begun deploying new weapons to China's alleged efforts to cement dominant position in Western Pacific and keep American aircraft carriers at bay. President Trump and his war cabinet, Military-Industrial Complex,..


This year could be the year that Gulf states acknowledge their ties to Israel — and that will depend on Gulf's to President Trump's of the peace plan and Mohammed bin Salman's ability to continue the pro- Israel moves.. ..

june 2016 — mark fiore's political animation

How could Tesla car company, symbol of forward-thinking, wealth and techie cool have people from Eastern Europe working at their Bay Area factory making $5 hour.  . Now that Donald Trump is in charge of Republican Party apparently already has a mandate,  let's imagine what Republican..

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