By surprise if you hear the In the environment, do not be takenUS has also begun deploying new weapons to China's alleged efforts to cement dominant position in Western Pacific and keep American aircraft carriers at bay. President Trump and his war cabinet, Military-Industrial Complex,..

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By December 1985, Trump's infatuation with negotiating deal between Americans and Soviets was People used to titter when Donald Trump wanted to broker nuclear-arms reduction.. Obama tried to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, and refused to send new detainees there, and the order..


This year could be the year that Gulf states acknowledge their ties to Israel — and that will depend on Gulf's to President Trump's of the peace plan and Mohammed bin Salman's ability to continue the pro- Israel moves.. ..

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It's nice to look down on the foolish residents of Tangier Island, speck of land sinking into Chesapeake Bay. ... Donald Trump is tweeting about particular spot Hawaii. He visited it recently on his way to threaten Asia. ..

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It is the liberals who Dabashi is particularly upset with for it is they who, in his view, have reinforced the facade of national goodness and held at bay, or perhaps simply ignored, any critical examination of this self-glorifying image. For instance, Dabashi notes that, while campaigning against..

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Rouhani also said 'America must think again about her presence in the region, in the Persian Gulf, in the Sea of Oman, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and other places.' . . . . . . Trump has vowed to continue to isolate Iran through U.S. sanctions that are being re-instated following the U.S...

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How could Tesla car company, symbol of forward-thinking, wealth and techie cool have people from Eastern Europe working at their Bay Area factory making $5 hour.  . Now that Donald Trump is in charge of Republican Party apparently already has a mandate,  let's imagine what Republican..


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