trump against war on iran?

Trump's geopolitical record yielded to regime hawks Pompeo, Bolton, and in the department on escalating multiple theaters.. ... Trump told Time that Gulf of Oman is less strategically important for United States now than it used to be, quoting DJT saying.. ..

gaslighters of god

In response to reported unspecified intelligence showing that Iran plans to attack Americans in Middle East, Trump administration has deployed carrier strike force and bombers to Persian Gulf. ..

america needs a permanent anti-war movement

The project of war with Iran is so crazy, it remains incredible that Donald Trump's administration could be premeditating it, .. U.S would find without allies except for Israel and Gulf states. The administration's record of incompetence at minor tasks raises terrifying questions about..

is bolton steering trump into war with iran?

Trump has also designated Iran terrorist state and Republican Guard organization, the time we have done that with the armed forces of nation. ... While Gulf with Iran might be popular at the outset, what would it do for U.S economy or our ability to exit the war of Middle East, as Trump..

james m. dorsey

Syria Withdrawal Proves Trump Is Both Unpredictable and Unreliable . As far as Gulf leaders are concerned, President Trump demonstrated with his announcement of US troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan that his insistence the “world is... . . . ..


That year, American public saw gulf between Clinton and Trump's positions on issues like immigration and federal aid to African Americans than they had perceived between prior Democratic and Republican presidential candidates... ..


By surprise if you hear the In the environment, do not be takenUS has also begun deploying new weapons to China's alleged efforts to cement dominant position in Western Pacific and keep American aircraft carriers at bay. President Trump and his war cabinet, Military-Industrial Complex,..


This year could be the year that Gulf states acknowledge their ties to Israel — and that will depend on Gulf's to President Trump's of the peace plan and Mohammed bin Salman's ability to continue the pro- Israel moves.. ..

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