russia and iran expand military cooperation

By the presence of these belligerent nations, The exercises are response to provocative US and UK deployment of more warships to Persian Gulf and Hormuz Strait on the pretext of pursuing security — jeopardized.. Moscow and Tehran may also strengthen in Caspian Sea, its waters bordering..


Russia Blames US Pressure Campaign on Iran, Warns Situation in Persian Gulf Fraught with Outbreak of Conflict . TEHRAN (FNA)- Moscow regrets that Washington continues to escalate tensions in the region and put pressure on Tehran, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters..

russia’s middle eastern position in 2025

Bases Libya, Cyprus, Yemen and Sudan would further extend that range to the Central Mediterranean, including Italy and parts of Balkans, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. The acquisition of the above-mentioned regional bases will Moscow to integrate its deployed long-range..

saudi fm: assad must leave soon

Jubeir is Moscow to participate in ministerial meeting between the representatives of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council states and Russia.. Saudi official voiced opposition to Moscow's stance that those attending Geneva peace talks must truly represent Syrian nation... ..

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