nato: no need, nexit

Other than that, the conference basically outlined the atrocities committed by NATO, its associate and crony terrorist armies, ISIS, Al Qada, Al Nusra and so on, changing names for revolving terrorists, recruited and trained by the CIA and funded by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, and, of..

wikileaks founder julian assange arrested in london

Army manual for handling prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. . . . . . In September 2008, WikiLeaks posted emails from vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. . . . ... As Assange’s lawyers fought an extradition request from Sweden, WikiLeaks continued releasing classified information, including..

is iran winning in yemen?

Iran can attain in this sensitive region giving access to Red Sea and Suez Canal, cause of concern for its sworn rivals Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Gulf states, and for Israel and European countries along Mediterranean... ..


Anti-arms groups have repeatedly criticized the United Kingdom for delivering arms to Saudi Arabia, stressing that it made London complicit in Riyadh's human rights abuses, and called on the government to halt arms supplies to Persian Gulf states. . ..

a colossal 21st century kleptocracy

Certainly, there are others, not typically regarded in the west as kleptocrats, who do not likewise observe any distinction between their personal coffers and the nation’s wealth—cases in point would be the Saudi and Gulf sheikhdoms, as well as the Sultan of Brunei, the latter much in the news..

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