state nicknames for all 50 states

The coast of Massachusetts and its five bays, including Massachusetts Bay, Quincy Bay, Narragansett Bay, Buzzards Bay,  and Cape Cod Bay, is what gave rise to Massachusetts's nickname, Bay State, according to Brittanica.. ..

1,400-year-old canal found in alabama

GULF SHORES, ALABAMA — reports that two sections of 1,400-year-old canal have been uncovered in the long, narrow, peninsula at the mouth of Mobile Bay. ... It connected the rich fishing grounds of Oyster Bay and Little Lagoon, which had outlet to Gulf of Mexico.. ..


The oil-price collapse, in fomenting the feelings of insecurity harbored by Gulf states, likely kick-started rethink of Gulf's policy. ... But the plan's release will at least Israel and Gulf states baseline to work from then Gulf states can place culpability on..

tampa bay rebellion

Largely of Trump, plans are in the pipeline to expand two major sources of greenhouse gases Tampa Bay, and they have so far been met with almost no opposition. ... Tampa Bay is heading for extinction. James Lamont runs Radical Beat, project of underground, fringe politics and the place..

november 19, 2018

Current air in Bay Area is said to be among the in the world, edging out cities China and India.. ... Here in Bay, few minutes outside cause the throat to burn little and the eyes to water. ..

israel’s transport minister in oman, proposes

rail link from Mediterranean to Gulf states via Israel, Palestinian territories, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, would be good for them all, said Israel's Transport Minister Israel Katz at international transport conference taking place in the Sultanate of Oman.  ... Israel's transport Oman, proposes..

secret no more: israel's outreach to gulf arab states

HaTikva, Jewish yearning for Zion, was just one in series of score= -416.0 > Secret no more Israel's outreach to Gulf Arab states Hosted Skip to main content. ... It's member of Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council, and it did not join the in its boycott of Qatar or Yemen.. ..

presstv-trump's anti-iran rhetoric disproportionate: report

The United States military in Persian Gulf has not been matching with President Donald Trump's anti- Iran rhetoric, according to military experts. . ... Trump and his administration have been ramping up their rhetoric on the threat posed by Iran however, the US military has scaled back its in..

‘us troops must leave persian gulf

The US troops should leave this part of the world and they need to be polite, they need to realize that this is not their region and realize that Persian Gulf is Persian Gulf, it's not Gulf of Mexico... ... Persian Gulf is one of the most armed regions of the world... ..

‘iran protecting oil tankers in persian gulf

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani A Iranian official says Islamic Republic's military in Persian Gulf ensures the safety of oil tankers in this strategic region... ... In line with international efforts against piracy, Iranian Navy has been conducting patrols in..

‘us itching for a fight in persian gulf

This US Navy photo obtained August 25, 2016 shows the patrol craft USS Squall as it transits in Persian Gulf acting as small boat threat towards USS Mitscher on January 14, 2015 Embed.. ... Certainly, United States knows Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz is sensitive territory. ..

obituary robert gashinski

He was born and grew up Atikokan, then made Thunder Bay his home.. funeral service for Robert was held Thunder Bay on July 29. In lieu of flowers friends may make Robert's memory to either Toys for Tots Thunder Bay Professional Firefighters or United Way Thunder..

the gulf crisis reassessed

The dysfunctionality of Gulf Crisis, pitting coalition of four countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt against Qatar, is emblematic of the descent into multi-dimensional chaos, conflict, and coercion that afflicts much of Middle East. From the start the leadership of Qatar expressed its..

hothouse capitalism in the gulf arab states

As opposed to the commonly espoused theory that GCC is made up of rentier states., Hanieh asserts that ruling institutions in Gulf reflect regional class formations have evolved over time.. ... The role that Gulf monarchies played as revolutionary struggles broke out throughout Middle..

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