german economy on brink of recession

German economy on brink of recession. 30 Views. Europe's Q2 of 2019 by 0.1pc under pressure on its export-driven manufacturing sector. ... investors survey on Tuesday found confidence in German at lowest level since Eurozone crisis in 2011. ..

the german state's turn against democracy

In acting as it did, and supporting the union, Germany's highest court has exposed contradiction between its role as the guardian of German constitution and its determination to be pro- EU. ... Nevertheless, that the requirements of German constitution which states that Germany was to..

anti-israel tweets liked by german diplomats

Anti- Israel tweets liked by German diplomats.. Germany's Envoy to Palestinian Territories and  two other officials last month visited the  Palestinian Al Haq, in anti- Israel Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign.. BERLIN — German ministry has instituted new media guidelines and..

german green party on the path to victory

This is despite the fact that the popularity of the two German parties, Christian Democrat and Social-Democratic Party, has risen more than ever.. ... The fact is that German parties, especially Social Democrats and Christian Democrats, have become closer to their deadlock. ..

german government: anti-israel, pro-iran

You sent the wrong signals both to Iran, to the in the country and in exile, to the tens of thousands of victims of this regime and their families, and to German population. ... It's madness that we are constantly on the side of countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Yemen against Israel., FDP in..

authentic german liberalism of the 19th century

Participants included the leaders of the various liberal parties and members of German parliaments, particularly of Prussian House of Deputies, and later, in the period of the North German Confederation and German Empire, of Reichstag. ... He was the brilliant the political..

german-saudi relations: a salafist bone of contention

In 2016, German media ran intelligence report that provided evidence of Saudi, Qatari and Kuwaiti support for Salafists Germany through the construction of mosques and schools, and the provision of preachers.. ... According to data from Germanyʹs intelligence agency, the number of..

the german left’s populist experiment

The German left’s populist experiment . Some in the Left Party want a progressive populism to take on right-wing populism. . . . . ... Despite the many allusions to poverty, there is no mention of economic growth – a reflection of the German left’s longstanding and backward growth..

on the road with the german climate resistance

On Road with German Climate Resistance. Recently, press in United States told the story of the transition that German Coal Commission announced. ... First, German plan renders it impossible for Germany to meet its goals under Paris accords. ..

the rise and fall of german communism

Due largely to the onset of Cold War, it was not until German of the 1960s and 0s that German Revolution and Weimar Republic communism received widespread attention Germany. ... While German movement Soviet Politburo pursued a policy of goodwill toward Nazi government throughout..

german colonialism part 5

In the fifth and last part of our series on German colonialism, we look at the work of activists and members of German African community with regard to Germany's Africa.. ..

luxemburg, liebknecht and the german revolution

The day, on December 1918, 129 delegates met from Spartacists, Free Socialist Youth Organisation and International Communist, and founded German Communist Party, known as KPD. ... Paul Levi presented the leadership's position German bourgeoisie wanted to use National Assembly to..

eyewitness to the german revolution

There she sat and played while gunfire rattled outside, he noted, and bullets caused plaster to rain down from the walls. ) Aloof from the violence and often insouciant in tone, of the revolution, documenting the lines of political fracture that would weaken German republic bring it to end.. ..

german army floats plan to recruit foreigners

German Defense Minister Ursula von Leyen awards medals to troops at Camp Marmal Masar-i-Scharif, Afghanistan, on March 25, 2018 .. ... German military, or Bundeswehr, has stepped up its recruitment efforts as part of broader reset following Russia's of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. ..

on the persistence of german war guilt

Yet conversely it would be no irony that for German it would be travesty to freeze their definition of themselves in Nazi period.. ... Hardly anyone calls on Russian, Chinese, British, Turkish or American to do in the present to the extent that they do German. ..

german history is changing

In 1972 Geiss pronounced the controversy over, declaring, The role played by German Reich in the outbreak of World War i and the character of Germany's war objectives is no longer point of controversy, nor is it disputable.. ... In the latest issue of German Council on Foreign..

the german revolution of 1918

The ending of the conflict of Great War of 1914-18 coincided with German Revolution of November 1918.. ... Ebert - 1918On 12 November, the government issued proclamation addressed to German people setting the task of putting into effect the socialist programme... ..

the german revolution, november 1918

While SPD leaders talked of the need to protect women and children, the war aims of German imperialism were listed by Reichschancellor von Bethmann Hollweg in memorandum of September 1914.. ... By engaging in battle with the superior, On 28 October German Admiralty ordered North Sea..

german enterprises visit hunan xiangjiang new area

German Enterprises Visit Hunan Xiangjiang New Area - rednet news German Enterprises Visit Hunan Xiangjiang New Area. ... German guests feel the momentum of German investment Changsha when inspecting Changsha Zurbruggen China Headquarters project at Yanghu area... ..

the german reparations question

With the in both countries opposed to reparations only 34 percent of German public believed that Germany owed Jews anything at all, and 21 percent still believed that Jews themselves were responsible for what had happened to them during Holocaust secret negotiations began between Germany and..

german government hosts major conference on africa

German government organised high-level conference Berlin on June 12 and 13 attended by dozens of African heads of government within the framework of the. ... On the sidelines of the conference, German companies Bosch, Kärcher, Siemens and Volkswagen announced new investments Africa. ..

poland wants a say on german reunification

Speaking at the end of visit to Britain, Mazowiecki called for the formula for negotiating German reunification, agreed to Ottawa Tuesday, to be supplemented by Poland. Under the agreement, the four World War II allies, United States, Soviet Union, Britain and France, will discuss German..


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