mexican drug warrior faces prison in new york

Photo Tomas Bravo Reuters Mexico's Public Security Minister Genaro García Luna, far right, attends meeting with Human Rights commission at Senate Mexico City on Nov 29, 2012. ... Despite the echoes of the past, García Luna emerged unscathed from the controversies surrounding AFI and..

as police wait to arrest him, ex-peru president kills self

On the night of April 5, 1992, Fujimori dissolved Congress, suspended Peruvian Constitution and sent troops to the home of Garcia, of plot to kill him... ... Garcia was reviled by most Peruvians, even lauded, Fujimori's iron-fisted rule, grateful to him for taming the rebel insurgencies..

the politics of “andean-amazonian capitalism”

Morales and García Linera know full well that the way out of impoverishment for Bolivia is through ceasing to export crude to processing plants Brazil, Argentina, or Venezuela where it's refined into and transported as value-added products to the world market. ... Oscar Olivera, Marcelo Rojas,..

covering capitol hill since 1955

With Texas 16th District, Escobar, El Paso County judge, becomes Latina elected to represent the Lone Star State Congress — along with Sylvia Garcia, who took Houston-based seat Tuesday night. Garcia, senator, easily won Texas 29th District on Tuesday night, becoming Latina elected..

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