section 4: anger and distrust in government

Across all updates of this question over the past 53 years by ANES, Gallup, ABC Washington Post, CBS New York Times, CNN and Pew Research Center, the low mark for trust government is 17%, measured by CBS and New York Times October 2008 and by Gallup June 1994.. With just 17% of Americans..

gop losing senior support over iraq

By comparison, 57 percent of all registered voters said the war was not worth it, according to the poll, whose findings paralleled a recent USA Today/Gallup survey. Because older Americans vote more faithfully than any other group, their unhappiness with the war could mean trouble for the..

church-state balance teeters on high ledge

Senate prepares to vote in couple of weeks on whether to consider constitutional ban on marriage, Americans are curiously quiet.. The majority oppose marriage, according to Gallup Poll that last month found 55 percent of Americans oppose same-sex marriage and 42 percent marriage..

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