poll: 55% of americans favor decriminalizing drugs

This partisan gap is consistent with Gallup polling that has found Democrats and independents are more supportive than Republicans of legalizing certain types of drugs. For instance, Gallup found Democrats and independents are about 20 points more likely than Republicans to support..

section 4: anger and distrust in government

Across all updates of this question over the past 53 years by ANES, Gallup, ABC Washington Post, CBS New York Times, CNN and Pew Research Center, the low mark for trust government is 17%, measured by CBS and New York Times October 2008 and by Gallup June 1994.. ..

gallup ranks top u.s. states for baby boomers

Alaska residents had the highest well-being in the in 2014, reaching the top spot for the time since Gallup and Healthways began tracking well-being in 2008. ... Gallup- Healthways Well-Being Index score for the nation and for each state consists of metrics affecting overall well-being..


Trump ...

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