robert mugabe: 1924 - 2019

Robert Mugabe clasps FIFA World Cup trophy at Harare International Airport, November 26, 2009, during the trophy's 86-country, 225-day world tour before South Africa World Cup. ..

copa américa preview - group a

Historically one of CONMEBOL nations, they have ever qualified for FIFA World cup three times, never advancing past the group stage, and have won this competition once in their history, the 1963 edition. ... Many expected Gareca to step down from the role following FIFA World Cup, and he..

june 2015 – ministry of truth

the football of the week has been PR of FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who has announced that he's standing down and not for at least six months and not without continuing to make noises about pushing through reforms of the organisation that will... ..


The FIFA World Cup starts on Friday, which means that football fans across the world have difficult task this week determining. ..

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