u.s. judge tosses democratic party lawsuit against

- A U.S judge on Tuesday dismissed Democratic Party lawsuit arguing that Russian, President Donald Trump's and WikiLeaks carried out conspiracy to influence U.S election... ... DNC said in its lawsuit that top officials Trump's campaign conspired with Russian government and its..

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I just do not like the way he talks about other people, Evans, 79-year-old retired supervisor, said Wisconsin, days after Trump fired off tweet at Democratic congresswomen.. ... Trump's at the squad of Democratic congresswomen along with interviews in divided Bucks..

world news

Minnesota Democratic congresswoman targeted by Trump supporter who says he 'loves the president, hates Muslims our government. ..

june 19th playbook

Matt Cartwright has the highest party unity score for Democrat representing Trump won district. The Lackawanna County Congressman has the highest party unity score of any Democrat representing Trump won district, according to Roll Call.. ..

shadow boxing for empire: the mueller report

Republican, Donald Trump, competed with Democratic Party Hillary Clinton for supremacy and through subterfuge, cloaking their drive for power with agenda. ... Hence Democrat embraced conspiracy that Republicans and Trump were colluding with Russians to steal the..

trump's campaign raises $30 million

One fact that this report shows is that, much like several of Democratic contenders, Trump campaign is doing very well at raising small-dollar donations. ... No doubt we'll similar numbers from Democratic side of the ledger, and the fact that Trump's fund-raising is so..

president trump and the democratic congress: the

Trump encouraged the far-right to mobilize against abortion and in support of police violence against Afro-Americans Democratic Party provided opposition to Trump's rollback most of their energy was directed to peripheral issues — Trump's sexual escapades and other personality..

what happened to wisconsin?

In the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton, lost because she failed to turn out Democratic vote Dane County and Milwaukee and failed to take advantage of Trump's in the suburbs. ... Thus, Democratic Tony Evers did better than Walker's opponents in the wealthy suburbs and..

presidential election 2020 polls: trump trails

Whether this candidate be male, female, gay or African- American, U.S voters will elect Democratic opposing Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.. new poll from NBC WSJ shows Trump facing immense obstacles to his re-election bid, with 48 percent of voters saying they'd..

trump’s speech: an assessment

., the presstitutes, and Democratic Party have characterized all efforts to improve US Russian relations as collusion with the enemy. ... That Trump is conspiring against Maduro exactly as Obama conspired against the elected presidents of Hondras and Ukraine leads me to see in Democrat..

the senate votes for more stalemate

They were joined by Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, and Johnny Isakson of Georgia, Democrat who was the member of his party to back both Trump's plan and the short-term alternative. GOP defections were short of the 13 needed for the bill to clear..

the new normal

The thing about this though, is that for all the behavior of President Trump and his various acolytes, President Trump is creation of Democratic Party. ... President Trump was member and donor to Democratic Party.  And much of President Trump and..

trump expands claims of autocratic power

While the pro- Trump faction in the ruling class seeks to entrench imperial presidency, Democratic-led opposition demands unlimited powers for FBI, CIA and the rest of the police agencies of the capitalist class. ... The reactionary and anti-democratic content of..

one year of democratic sabotage of opposition to

By sections of the media and the pseudo, This year, year, will no doubt witness yet another campaign-left organizations that orbit Democratic Party to elect Democrats as the supposed to Republicans. The lesson of the year is that the fight against Trump is at the time fight against..

trump, clinton lead gop, democratic fields in

A man not in the race, Vice President Joe Biden, runs strongest against Republicans, while trailing Clinton and Sanders in Democratic primary.. Trump and Clinton were underwater on the favorable unfavorable split Trump, 37 percent to 56 percent and Clinton, 42 percent to 51 percent... ..

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