the new uprising on a country road

Paula Jean Swearengin, anti mountaintop activist who challenged Joe Manchin in Democratic Senate in 2018 and took 30 percent of the vote despite having no money and little name recognition, has taken the pledge for her second run for Senate, this time against Republican Shelley Moore..

us senator: war with iran 'disastrous'

Ben Cardin, Democrat on Senate Foreign Relations Committee, cautioned the administration of US President Donald Trump over engaging war with Tehran, advising Washington to try diplomacy.. ... Ben Cardin, Democrat on Senate Foreign Relations Committee, cautioned the..

ban the bomb–before our luck runs out

Legislation to implement this policy has been introduced in both houses of Congress, House bill by Representative Adam Smith, Democrat of Washington, and Senate bill by Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts. 2 ) We should end the sole unchecked authority of any..

the end of democracy

Trump and McConnell are celebrating their increased in Senate, with 48 million voters 57.4 percent of the vote supporting Democratic Senate candidates, and 34 million, or 41 percent of voters, supporting Republican candidates, according to latest New York Times tallies.. ..

2018 elections rewrote the main rule of us politics

What is clear from last week's results is Republican advantage with these voters persisted in all regions Klobuchar Minnesota was Democratic Senate candidate to win most white voters without education. ... By restoring advantage that, In Rust Belt states that tipped the election to..

top story 116

. — In New Mexico, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth said wage and teacher pay increases will be at the top of the agenda. ... Republicans who control Minnesota state Senate will fight Democratic Gov...

american democracy is doomed

As Jim Manley, aide to Democratic Senate leadership, explained to The Atlantic, the obstruction prevented many of Obama's more controversial measures from becoming law it also altered the process of even routine governance.. ..

parties, people unite against sex offenders

Currently, Senate and House committee bills carry SB 413 and HB 930.. Brian Frosh, Montgomery County Democrat, chairs Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and House Judiciary Committee chairman is Joseph Vallario, Democrat from Prince George's Calvert.. ..

is u.s. senate signaling the end of roe v. wade?

To prevent the nuclear option of abolishing the use of Senate filibusters against judicial nominees, seven Democrat and seven Republican centrist senators brokered deal to calm the crisis. ... Bush, the election defeat of former Democratic Senate Minority Leader Tom..

rhetorica » 2002 » september

When Bush asserted in New Jersey on Sept 23 that Democrat-controlled Senate is more interested in special interests Washington and not interested in the security of American people, Sen. ... Bush's unbridled desire to regain control of Senate, White House's to GOP candidates to..

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