philippine ‘democracy

Greek Plato, in his book, Republic, considers democracy inferior form of government and holds the view of its likely deterioration into despotism.. The popular country that adopted democracy with its systems of separation of powers and of checks and balances.. ..

why we are a republic, not a democracy

They say Electoral College system, distorts the one-person, one-vote principle of democracy because electoral votes are not distributed according to population.. ... In, the democracy does not appear in Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or any other of our founding documents.  ...

shareholder democracy network on drugs

The platform, Shareholder Democracy, will enable millions of Americans to vote on pending 2019 shareholder resolutions at six pharmaceutical companies. ... David Apgar, the founder of Shareholder Democracy Network and former small-business fund manager and author of Risk Intelligence .. ..

what do socialists say about democracy?

Twenty-two years later, Engels commented to comrade living in United States, Americans for time have been providing European with the proof that the bourgeois republic is the republic of in. ... Nash,  The Unknown American Revolution The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the..

popular democracy in cuba

Fidel expressed the concept of democracy, evolving in practice, on May 1, 1960. . Real democracy.. has been expressed in this form it has been expressed, in the union and identification of the government and the in this direct in this making and struggling for the good of the majority..

populism is a struggle for democracy

But the thrust of Rey's contempt for the notion of decisions being made by ordinary people, rather than experts and technocrats, shows that the clash between European project and democracy is not new... The Rey quote is just one of many facts and arguments deployed by two politics professors,..

henry giroux – democracy in exile

The feeling of the nation must be quickened the conscience of the nation must be roused the propriety of the nation must be startled the hypocrisy of the nation must be exposed and the crimes against God and man must be proclaimed and denounced. from A Democracy in Exile Fights Against Fascism..

democracy and community

Imagine democracy with rule of law and coherent structures for determining policy.. There is so much that needs doing elder care, retrofitting buildings to be efficient, fixing up parks, teaching — you know, the list of things that democracy would put resources into to make people's..

who gets to vote in israel’s democracy

But there is nothing standard about Israel’s democracy. . Israeli citizens get to vote in Israeli elections, choosing elected leaders and how they rule the country. ... So when Israel goes to vote this April, when everyone is talking about democracy, remember that out of the more-than..

democracy & rule of law

What shameful position for country that takes in calling Islamic Republic with majority citizens claiming to be ardent observers of Islamic principles regardless of the sect they claim their allegiance to. ..

israel’s “gatekeepers” vs. democracy

Israel’s “gatekeepers” vs. democracy . . Israel has no written constitution – but all the same, it is steeped in a deep and dangerous constitutional crisis. ... First, the political Left supports the legal fraternity as they work to transform Israel into a post-democracy ruled by..

the change to come to indonesian democracy

The change to come to Indonesian democracy . New procedures for next April's elections aim to consolidate power among fewer parties and will crimp the prospects of those lacking a viable presidential candidate . ... National Awakening Party Democrat Party Nasdem Justice and Prosperity Party United..

democracy sans tax culture

In democracy, taxes play role — the elected representatives, have responsibility to discharge their personal tax obligations and ensure enforcement of tax laws across the board. The analysis of Decade of Democracy and first 100-days of Government of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf shows that we..

mises on fascism, democracy, and other questions

In July 1920, representatives of Italian General Confederation of Labor signed Moscow, adhering to the aim of revolution and the universal republic of soviets.44 In September, workers Milan, Turin, and Genoa hoisted Red Flag, seized control of the factories, and proceeded to try to run them.. ..

trump’s fascist efforts to demolish democracy

Allan Nairn, the award-winning journalist, gets it right in arguing that Trump and Republican Party want to abolish democracy because that's the only way they can perpetuate their power and create form of domestic fascism... ... Now is the time for individuals and social movements to give new..

myanmar’s skewed democracy was predictable

The National Coalition Government of Union of Burma was made up of exiled pro-democracy leaders. ... The looming storm cloud of state disintegration via any of Myanmar's often irascible ethnicities is fear, stoked by the propaganda, and has been exacerbated through inside the in the years since..

democracy dies in a leftist coup

When Washington Post, the rest of the media and their long tail of ActBlue donors in local elections, it does not uphold democracy. The media postures as defender of democracy, and media is more naturally defender of establishments, of the nostrums and platitudes of the elites. ..

the end of democracy

Conservatives will argue that America is Republic not democracy and Founders wrote Constitution protecting the rights of the minority against the tyranny of the majority. ..

how to save a constitutional democracy

Stamler-Goody You resist the idea that democracy can be boiled down to just the presence of competitive elections, saying that freedom of speech and association, and integrity of the rule of law, are also required. ... The Economist Intelligence Unit last year had us fall from the rank of Full..

democracy now

Amid the new revelations about the shocking death of Jamal Khashoggi, Democracy Now speaks with journalist and Pulitzer Center Grantee Sarah Aziza about Saudi Arabia's long history of targeting dissidents... ... Rick Rowley was interviewed on Democracy Now on September 14th about his..

the suffocation of democracy

The victory of Popular Front in 1936 saved French democracy and led to the defeat of demoralized and divided France in 1940, followed by Vichy with Nazi Germany while enthusiastically pursuing its own authoritarian counterrevolution.. ..

freedom, justice and democracy: catalan republic

Freedom, justice and democracy: Catalan Republic . A joint article by all Catalan political prisoners and exiles, on the occasion of Catalonia’s National Day . . 5 min. ... This September Eleventh we will fill Barcelona with freedom, justice, democracy and republic. ..

democracy and inequality

So I was pleased when I gave another presentation on democracy to the Communities Control conference Melbourne few weeks ago the recording of. ... This entry was posted Democracy, Economics and policy, Education, Ethics, Sortition and citizens juries. ..

democratic people’s republic of korea

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea . . . . Inter-Korean Summit Press Corps . . . . . ... Secretary-General Guterres, who attended the Games, said that though the Olympic tradition of peace and cooperation was a global one, it had special resonance on the Korean Peninsula.  . 27 April,..

kurdistan part of iraq republic: iran

The principal and clear position of Islamic Republic of Iran is to support Iraq's and solidarity, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Saturday... Kurdistan region is part of Republic of Iraq, he added... Iranian spokesperson emphasized that unilateral decisions outside..

representative democracy

So, in democracy, what are we to make of this. Well, you might take some responsibility steering us though the mess you made, and we all know what happened there. ..

central african republic: armed groups using schools

Armed groups in Central African Republic have occupied, looted, and damaged school buildings, preventing children from getting education, released today.. ... Central African Republic signed Safe Schools Declaration June 2015, committing to protect schools from attack and military use. ..

watching american democracy in china

The conservatives tell the public that American democracy is in which money and special interests manipulate public opinions and rig the system for their own benefit — House of Cards of democracy. The liberals promote it in contrast to one-party rule at home, and as something China..

american democracy is doomed

In essay, Yale Juan Linz observed that aside from United States, only Chile has managed century and half of relatively undisturbed continuity under government — and Chilean democracy broke down in the 1970s... ..

the strange triumph of liberal democracy

Liberal democracy, besieged on the left by Stalin's Soviet Union and on the right by Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy, seemed to stand no chance of survival. ... In Contesting Democracy, Jan-Werner Müller, German-born, British-educated scientist who teaches at Princeton, traces..

a partial victory for democracy

A Partial Victory For Democracy . . July 24, 2002 . U.S. District Judge Peter Dorsey struck a blow for democracy in Connecticut on Tuesday by ruling that this state's restrictive nominating process is unfair. . ..

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