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Cuba with Venezuela in the struggle for life. Four Venezuelan in need of bone marrow transplants will be treated Cuba, since their health is being affected by escalating U.S sanctions on this sister country. ... Venezuela can always count on Cuba, was Cuban President Miguel..

first independent group march authorized in cuba

By gay rights activists under the umbrella of government organization, Previous marches have been restricted to those organized by the government to celebrate Cuba's 1959 revolution or criticize its Cold War foe, United States, religious processions, and annual march.. While physical public..

cuba adopts a new socialist constitution

Cuba Adopts New Socialist Constitution. On February 24, 2019, Cuban people adopted constitution, as 84.4% of resident citizens voted in the referendum, with 86.8 % voting. ... The constitutionality was announced on September 2, 1960, when National General Assembly of the People of Cuba..

cuba and anti-imperialism

Cuba's political and military Africa also had significant effect on the power relations between Cuba and USSR. ... After 1989, the collapse of USSR and the serious economic crisis that it provoked Cuba strengthened the pragmatism of Cuba's policy to such degree that..

popular democracy in cuba

The Constitution of 1976, like the Declaration of Havana, affirms the right of Cuba to sovereignty including rights to employment, food, health, education, culture, and recreation.  ..

cuba: trump turns the vise

Ma Zhaoxu, China's permanent to United Nations stated that the blockade is contrary to the principle of United Nations Charter and cause huge financial and economic damage for Cuba and hinders Cuba's ability to achieve Sustainable Development Goals... For Cuban people it will be case of..

democratizing cuba?

This is the final essay in our forum on Cuba’s constitutional reform. ... This fact has made many observers of Cuba’s political reform skeptical about the prospects for democratization in Cuba. ..

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President Díaz-Canel discusses the history and leading in society of Communist Party of Cuba, established on October 3, 1965, with the creation of its Central Committee. ... The day, Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro had presented the members of Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba..

senior state department officials on cuba

The governments of United States and Cuba have not yet identified the responsible party, except the Government of Cuba is responsible for taking all appropriate steps to prevent attacks on our Cuba. ... Can you and even if you say that you maintain relation with Cuba, do..


Cuba has one of the lowest out-of-pocket expenditures in the region, it also has people- and community-centered health system. ... Constitution of the Republic and Cuba's Code set forth the rights and duties of the family as they affect health, protect parenthood and marriage, and..

let's talk middle east, asia, cuba

Finally, panel that will include Cuban- Americans will take up U.S trade embargo against Cuba, with some panelists arguing to end those sanctions, others to retain them.. Asia program will begin at 9 a.m., Middle East at 11 a.m and Cuba panel at 2 p.m. ..

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