bolsonaro targets commission on political disappearances

RIO DE JANEIRO — President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday removed several members of commission investigating disappearances and murders during Brazil's, in the killing of leftist activist... decree co-signed by Bolsonaro's rights minister and published in official records announced the replacement..

graham immigration bill disrupts
senate judiciary

Senate Judiciary Committee is engaged in battle over policy as Lindsey Graham threatens to upend the rules to advance detention bill that Democrats oppose. Mark Warner, Democrat on Senate Intelligence Committee, wants President Trump to order review of White House clearance procedures. ..

ethics commission investigating ex-psu president

Ethics commission investigating ex- PSU president. AP-OR-- PSU President-Ethics Investigation.. PORTLAND, Ore — The Oregon Government Ethics Commission has voted to open investigation into the matter of former Portland State University President Rahmat Shoureshi.. ..

committee for a workers' international

Committee for a Workers' International . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... Committee for a workers' International publications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . © Committee for a workers' International..

statement before the house foreign affairs committee

While the law requires Department of State to notify Congress, Members of Committee should understand that the audience of this notification extends beyond Congress or even Iran.. ... Ranking Member, Committee Members Those were the purposes for which President Reagan certified in 1984..

election commission dismisses usdp criticisms

NAYPYITAW — The Union Election Commission has dismissed letter sent by the military-backed and former ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party and its allies alleging that the electoral process the commission oversees is not transparent.. ... U Myo Nyunt, spokesperson of National..

fire and police commission nominee denise bartlett

That settlement was reached the Mayor Tom Barrett nominated  Bartlett to Milwaukee's Fire and Police Commission she was nominated to replace Anne Wilson, according to Legistar.. ... Some of them made it very clear that they are very angry about the decisions that have come from the Fire and..

national welcomes climate change commission

We're committed to taking short term politics out of climate change policy, by having Commission. ... We have signalled to Government earlier discussions that it's the sort of decision newly formed Climate Commission should advise Parliament on, rather than politicians cherry picking..

aipac and the federal election commission

Administrative Complaint was filed in 1989 with Federal Election Commission on behalf of seven retired US Government officials citing a consistent, long-standing pattern of violating numerous provisions of Federal Election Campaigns Act of 1971 and that these violations are part of effort to..

tunisia: truth commission outlines decades of abuse

The commission outlined the role of former presidents Habib Bourguiba and Zine el- Abidine Ben Ali and other top officials in the torture, arbitrary detention, and numerous other abuses of thousands of Tunisians.. ... Tunisia is the only country to establish truth commission in the wake..

asian human rights commission

Asian Human Rights Commission extends its deepest sympathies to the victims of Christchurch, New Zealand. ... Asian Human Rights Commission condemns the terrorist attacks and suicide bombings which occurred in churches Surabaya, East Java Province. ..

local government commission

Wednesday, July 2017, 8 49 am Local Government Commission July 2017 - Local Government Commission Chair Sir Wira Gardiner says the fate of final proposal released today for Wairarapa District Council lies in the hands of Wairarapa public. ... Local Government Commission has..

european commission rejects italy’s 2019 budget

Yesterday, European Commission struck down the budget proposed by Italy's far-right government, claiming that it violated Italy's promises to European Union to impose austerity, and demanding revisions. This is the time that EU Commission has ever demanded that EU member state rewrite and..

code revision commission

More generally, the agreement provides that the ultimate right of editorial control over all material contained in the Code shall be in Commission, and in the event of any disagreement between Commission and Publisher over the material to be included, the decision of Commission..

bond commission approves economic development funds

The State Bond Commission approved financing Friday for array of development initiatives and the first wave of relief for homeowners struggling with crumbling foundations.. ... The bond commission approved $35.5 in financing to provide second, forgivable loan to one of the largest hedge..

committee to protect journalists

Eritrea and North Korea are the first and second most censored countries worldwide, according to list compiled by Committee to Protect Journalists of the 10 countries where the press is most restricted. ..

democratic town committee polarized

``This has not happened in the 10 or 12 years, Wednesday, day after committee candidates filed petitions for March 2 primary.. ... Two slates have emerged for the committee primaries one considered coalition of Democrats supported by DeFronzo, the city's state legislators and City..

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