trump regime war on china by other means

At the time, Xinhua News Agency said China has been standing in East for the 70 years, adding.. On August, Mike Pompeo accused China of engag in trade practices which stole tens and hundreds of billions of dollars of US property, that engaged in forced transfer where American..

pompeo condemns atrocities in china, vows to

Falun Gong, first introduced China in 1992, grew to following of million to 100 China by 1999, according to official estimates at the time. Pompeo added that U.S administration will make promoting freedom a top policy agenda and continue to be the vanguard for international..

china turns its anger on 'cold war warrior' pompeo

During media briefing on Monday, China's Foreign Ministry accused Pompeo by name of telling lies, departure from its usual practice of referring to foreign officials as the relevant person., or using similar wording.. ... Wang Yiwei, a professor of international relations at Beijing's..

what made china’s rise possible?

UK rose at the age of mechanization and the US rose in the era of electrification, while China is rising in the digital age. GT US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's team is developing strategy for China based on the idea of fight with really different civilization for the in US..

welcome prime minister orbán

Secretary of State Pompeo said in remarks, Too often in the past, United States was absent from Central Europe.. Then he went on to cast Trump as critical ally for the region and urged Hungary and its neighbors to rebuff warmer relationships with Russia and economic deals with China.. ..

neocon pompeo threatens war

China's island building and military activities in the South China Sea threaten your sovereignty, security and, therefore, livelihood, and that of United States, said Pompeo.. ... Pompeo's declaration amounts to U.S war guarantee.. For years, as national territory virtually..

china biggest national security challenge for us

China biggest security challenge for US. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says China is the biggest security challenge facing United States and the administration of US President Donald Trump is pushing back against China on all fronts... ... Pompeo also told Laura..

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