pompeo’s attacks on cpc show his hysteria

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in speech at event commemorating the anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall Berlin on Friday, took swipe at China and the Communist Party of China. ... Pompeo wants to drive wedge between the Party, Chinese and the people, and between..

us anti-china rage

On October 30, neocon Pompeo addressed Hudson Institute on what he called China challenge, his remarks China bashing and mass deception.. ... Pompeo's remarks reflected US hostility toward China for its growing preeminence on the world stage — along with frustration..

china blasts pompeo for 'vicious' speech

China Blasts Pompeo for 'Vicious' Speech . . TEHRAN (FNA)- China shot back at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s “vicious” speech against Beijing on Thursday, stressing that his words revealed 'arrogance and fear' of American officials. . Pompeo accused..

us to confront china on uyghur issue at un

Pompeo July called China's of Uyghurs the stain of the century, saying at international conference Washington that China was home to one of the human rights crises of our time... ... U.S administration official said Pompeo and Pence could also address China's of..

pompeo condemns atrocities in china, vows to

Falun Gong, first introduced China in 1992, grew to following of million to 100 China by 1999, according to official estimates at the time. Pompeo added that U.S administration will make promoting freedom a top policy agenda and continue to be the vanguard for international..

china turns its anger on 'cold war warrior' pompeo

During media briefing on Monday, China's Foreign Ministry accused Pompeo by name of telling lies, departure from its usual practice of referring to foreign officials as the relevant person., or using similar wording.. ... Wang Yiwei, a professor of international relations at Beijing's..

welcome prime minister orbán

Secretary of State Pompeo said in remarks, Too often in the past, United States was absent from Central Europe.. Then he went on to cast Trump as critical ally for the region and urged Hungary and its neighbors to rebuff warmer relationships with Russia and economic deals with China.. ..

no time to go 'wobbly': pompeo scolds britain over

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Britain on Wednesday it needed to change its attitude towards China and telecoms company Huawei, casting the world's second economy as threat to West similar to that once posed by Soviet Union.. ... Pompeo said China steals sensitive..

china biggest national security challenge for us

China biggest security challenge for US. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says China is the biggest security challenge facing United States and the administration of US President Donald Trump is pushing back against China on all fronts... ... Pompeo also told Laura..

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