only china can untie its own knot in us relat...

Surely, however, PRC's behavior is not merely recent in view of Tiananmen massacre, not to mention the earlier self-inflicted tragedies of Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, only the blatant examples of the authoritarian rule of Chinese Communist Party even before Xi Jinping assumed in..

us-china trade war could raise unemployment rates

The states with the greatest export shares to China are Alaska, South Carolina, Oregon and, Washington... While exports to China are concentrated in handful of states, the tariff increase would be felt throughout United States because integrated goods and factor markets transmit the..

who's the real bully? - cctv news

President Donald Trump that accuses China of being expansionist and using its power to intimidate others would be more credible if it pointed its finger at United States as being the global bully rather than China... ... There is need for United States and China, two UN Security..

the history of "left communism"

The historical pattern is one of successive crises - the Stalinist counter-revolution in the USSR; Hitler's seizure of power in 1933; the Spanish revolution of 1936-7 and the Spanish Civil War; the battles of Ethiopia and China against Italian and Japanese imperialism; World War Two and its aftermath..

china outlines space war plans

While insisting China favors the peaceful use of space, that China is developing relevant technologies and capabilities for safeguarding satellites while maintaining the ability to safely enter, exit, use space.. ... China and Russia continue to endorse 'Treaty on Prevention of..

capitalgate’s the problem, not russiagate

While one of the ruling class parties is under forced obsession with the fiction of Russiagate, both parties are moving ahead either in blissful ignorance or saber rattling madness, towards war in the middle east for Israel, while increasing finances for Israel, suppressing American freedom of speech for..

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