war in the persian gulf? let’s hope not

Not long ago, Iran defeated the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein who at the time was being supported and armed by the Soviet Union, France, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States. But now, the Islamic Republic maintains close ties with both Russia and China, and its..


India is Iran’s second biggest oil buyer after China, sourcing about 10% of its supplies from the Islamic Republic. . ..

america and iran are marching toward war

The Islamic Republic, unsurprisingly, rejected the demands outright. Tehran then looked to Europe, Russia, and China, hoping that some or all of these actors would pressure the Trump administration to walk back its demands or else provide a means of bypassing the U.S. sanctions..

james m. dorsey

Officially, both Saudi Arabia and the US, which withdrew last year from the 2015 international accord that curbs the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and imposed... . . . ... China’s Threat to Worldwide Human Rights . China is leading a charge to undermine accepted concepts..

in praise of regime change

The Chinese government has repeatedly denounced what it alleges are American efforts to thwart China. The mullahs have, from the outset of the Islamic Republic, made opposition to the United States, “the Great Satan,” a cornerstone of their rule. . ..

iran: 40 years after the revolution • the berkeley blog

Since 1979, the country has found itself in an ongoing cycle of infighting and factionalism within Iran’s domestic politics, the hostage crisis (1980–1981), a bloody war with Iraq (1980–1988), the rise of the reformist movement (1990s), and the signing of a nuclear deal with the major countries in the..

iran at war

On the other hand, they might fear that the Iranian people would support the other side, spelling curtains for the Islamic Republic. . Iran’s big allies, Russia, Turkey and China, along with lesser powers like North Korea and Cuba, do not seem to crave a big war with America and..

canada's treacherous "faustian bargain"

This is what a 'free press' is presumably all about, after all; not as in countries with totalitarian regimes, such as the once-Czarist Russia-turned communist Soviet Union-turned Putinist Russia, or Maoist China, or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or the Islamic Republic of Iran, or..

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