venezuela & latin america: a way out of the crisis?

On one side are governments supportive of chavismo, the movement established by Venezuela's, Hugo Chávez. Latin American countries that continue to support Maduro Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua find themselves increasingly on the receiving end of threatening rhetoric from U.S officials and..

venezuela: still on the brink?

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regime change “made in the u.s.a.”

Abrams has in many ways personified the application of Monroe Doctrine with his blatant disregard for human rights violations and the principle of non-intervention Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador in the 1980s and his alleged in the coup against Hugo Chávez.. ..

league criticizes bombing

Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Evo Morales of Bolivia and Fidel Castro of Cuba condemned the intervention and suggested Western powers were seeking to get their hands on Libya's oil reserves rather than limit the in the country.. ..

ortega in delicate balancing act

After Nagarote, Chavez and Ortega laid the first brick for billion oil refinery billed as Nicaragua's largest project ever.. U.S officials expected Chavez to wield influence here, and they see Ortega's closer ties to Iran. ..

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