greta's tirade at the un climate summit

Over the course of time there have always been such figures, from Jesus to Joan of Arc. ... ... Of course, if she did that she'd lose her current role. Angry accusations would no longer be enough, and she'd have to table some concrete proposals instead.” . . . ..

venezuela: us attack imminent?

No, much worse the so-called civilized west, European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and some second and third class puppet developing countries from South America. ... By the elite of the I often wonder whether such dream of eventually, at the end of the day the end of all days..

how to answer trump? make america a socialist country

By rallying most whites under the umbrella of imperialism so long as the boss shared bit of the plunder of dehumanized, While European capitalists had to grant concessions to united working class movements and the pressures of the Soviet Union, U.S was able to weaken the working class from..

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