venezuela opens embassy in north korea

At the ceremony, Venezuela's Deputy Foreign Minister Ruben Dario Molina criticized US attacks against Caracas and Pyongyang.. ... North Korea opened Caracas in 2015.. Guaido declared January, arguing that Maduro's in last year's elections was fraudulent.. ..

new power outage in caracas – workers world

In Caracas, as Zulia, Lara and Táchira power outages occur daily.. The first indications received from the investigation point to the existence of electromagnetic attack that sought to affect the generation system of Guayana, the provider of this service in the country... ..

caracas on and off, rest of venezuela no power

Caracas On and Off, Rest of Venezuela No Power... HAVANA TIMES Electricity was back on briefly Caracas early on Tuesday following massive blackout that hit Venezuela on Monday, and several regions remained without power, .. Aporrea reports that shortly after 9 a.m power failure hit..


The US hostile measures against Iran are terrorism and Tehran will in no way hold talks with terrorists, on Sunday, addressing in Venezuelan of Caracas... ... The US administration is defeating Iran nuclear deal, despite the investment the world made to bring it about, said Zarif, from..

the violent history of the venezuelan opposition

he was elected mayor of Chachao of Caracas in 2000, which is one of the wealthiest provinces Venezuela. ... Lopez played in this coup attempt was in the sequestration of former Minister of Interior and Justice Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, along with engaging in violent attacks aimed at Cuban Embassy..


News coverage of Juan Guaidó's at the airport and his in Caracas plaza were blacked out. ‎ ... This report documents 45 cases from Caracas and three states, involving more than 150 victims, in. ..

more blackouts as opposition, government rally

The leader of Venezuela's National Assembly Juan Guaidó, speaks to supporters during rally against the government of President Nicolás Maduro, Caracas, Venezuela, Saturday, March 9... ... The leader of Venezuela's National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, greets supporters upon his arrival at rally..


Alexandra Valencia ...

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