neo-nazis in the canadian military

recent stream of stories about right wing extremists in Canadian military prompted the leadership to scramble to get ahead of the story. ... Over the past four years over 1,000 Canadian troops has deployed to Ukraine to train force that includes neo- Nazis in the world. ..

-canadian relations is done

The president insulted our country, our prime minister and even our negotiator, said Frank McKenna, premier of New Brunswick and Canadian to United States... ...  Trump continued his tirade against Trudeau,  while polling revealed that  Canadian opinion about United States was..

canada deploys “peacekeepers” to wage war in mali

By the government and media the reality is the, the mission is being promoted Canadian Armed Forces will be participating in neo-colonial, counter-insurgency Mali, and with the aim of advancing Canadian predatory interests on African continent. ... Making clear its pro-imperialist..

chinese prepare to use the northwest passage

Rob Huebert, told Globe and Mail that China's of Northwest Passage shipping could pose the biggest direct challenge to Canadian in Northwest Passage... ... All that would be required to buttress Canada's legal position would be for Chinese ships to obey Canadian laws and pollution..

10 awful canadian violations of human rights

By victims of the eugenics board of, Due to the sheer volume of lawsuits, Alberta government tried to impose limit on the amount that could be claimed$150,000 Canadian. ... Between 1881 and 1885, Canadian Pacific Railway was constructed using the labor of around 15,000 Chinese immigrants...

when we burned canadian york

By both sides throughout the war that some, Indeed, so confusing and chaotic was the fighting along US Canadian border and so common was the plundering and burning British subjects came in from the countryside to join in the looting of their own capital.. ..

afghan blast kills canadian soldiers

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Afghanistan's surging violence left three Canadian soldiers and 21 suspected Taliban militants Wednesday. ... Tim Grant, the head of Canadian forces in the country. The latest deaths brought to 60 the number of Canadian troops killed Afghanistan since..

canada curbs trade with south africa

At present, Canadian companies doing South Africa include Bata Shoe Co., Massey-Ferguson, Alcan and the Ford Motor Co.'s Canadian subsidiary.. The announcement said that Canadian companies South Africa will be required to adhere to code of fair employment practices, ensuring..


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