3 successful secret british plots against the

They say that England will soon declare war on Russia and advise crown Abbas Mirza to attack our border regions, wrote the survivor of Tehran massacre, Ivan Maltsov, in letter to Russian Foreign Minister Karl Nesselrode.. While British in the assassination of Griboyedov and Paul I..

the british roots of the deep state

In the week of the year, fuel was added to this fire when internal memos were leaked from the  British-run  Integrity Initiative featuring account of the techniques deployed by the anti- Russian British operation to infiltrate American intelligence institutions, think tanks and..

foreign interventions in revolutionary russia

At the end of November 1918, for example, squadron of Royal Navy, commanded by Admiral Edwyn Alexander-Sinclair showed up in Baltic Sea order to supply Estonian and Latvian whites with weapons and help them to fight their red countrymen and Bolshevik Russian troops. British soldiers who..

uk keeps destroying evidence

Last week, unnamed sources speaking to Western media claimed that British intelligence believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the poisoning of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his Yulia March. ... According to the chief, from the Russian side, British..

foreign election interference in the founding era

In his first letter, Adet denounced Jay Treaty and informed Pickering of Directory's decision to treat the neutral vessels at in the manner as it treated British vessels. According to U.S., Russian military intelligence, also known as GRU, private emails from, among others, Democratic..


The situation around Skripals case reminds of opera as the media are repeatedly referring to anonymous sources in British and secret services and publishing multiple unverifiable versions and leaks on daily basis, .. Russian diplomatic mission pointed out that British..

russia, u.s. edge toward economic warfare

According to Kremlin-friendly English language news outlet Russia Today, Once some country is included in this list, all its citizens, permanent residents and companies registered on its territory lose the right to deliver legal services, business consultancy and financial audits on Russian..

10 mind-blowing wars that nearly happened

The order came after Soviet Union made threat to the US that they would unilaterally intervene if the war dragged on. 6The French And British Nearly Fought Each Other Before World War I.. Probably one of the lowest points of British- Russian relations specifically in Dogger Bank..

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