sex toy market in india taking off, driven by women's purchases (avn)

A surge in women purchasing sexual wellness products online, according to Armani, was sparked last year by a scene that appeared online as a viral video from the Netflix Bollywood film Lust Stories, in which popular actress Kiara Advani is shown masturbating with a “bullet” style vibrator as her..

us war in somalia kills civilians

Amnesty International's investigation concluded that three farmers, all civilians, were killed in the attackwhile they were camping under tree, watching Bollywood movie on mobile phone that had to be kept hidden from al-Shabab. ..

how asia is shaping the world's future

Around the world, students learning Chinese and Japanese, entrepreneurs launching businesses Asian metropolises, travelers are flocking to beaches from Oman to Philippines, intermarriage is rising among Indians and Thais, youths converting to Islam, ing Bollywood movies, and more.. ..

indian war crimes in kashmir must end now

A recent Bollywood movie has portrayed portrayed the incident in one of its scenes. ... Bollywood movies portrayal of Kashmir has always been about manufactured binaries of a “bad Kashmiri Muslim terrorist” and a “good Indian army officer”, with some love story overpowering the..

10 famous mother-in-laws

Bollywood’s Mother-In-Law . . . ... Daughter Twinkle would marry Bollywood star Akshay Kumar in 2001. Kumar has won two Filmfare Awards and is known as the “Indian Jackie Chan”. ..

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