pompeo in latin america

From April 15, his visits to Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Colombia are all about hardening Trump coup plot against Venezuela's Maduro and Bolivarian social democracy.. ... Friday on Chilean, Pompeo repeated the threat of US military in Bolivarian Republic, saying every tool, every option..

the cia “hybrid war” against venezuela

In this, State Department, CIA and White House coordinate simultaneous series of attacks, with the aim of destabilizing the government of President Maduro, demobilizing Chavista movement and, above all, tearing apart Bolivarian armed forces.  . ... With the application of conception of defense,..

raging us media war on venezuela

In response to Russia sending around 100 military personnel and equipment to Venezuela days earlier, of support for and solidarity with Bolivarian, NYT turned truth on its head, accusing Moscow of exacerbating political tension, adding. following orders from his US handlers, Times ignored and..

what the press hides from you about venezuela

Over the past sixty years, non-conventional economic wars have been waged against Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, Syrian Arab Republic and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela order to make their economies fail, facilitate regime change and impose neo-liberal socioeconomic model. ... The crisis in the..

anti-imperialist news service

Communiqué of Coordinating Bureau of Non-Aligned Movement Solidarity with Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Rejecting Decision of the Government of United States of America to Renew its Unilateral Coercive Measures.. ... Bolivarian Government Ends Conversations to Improve Diplomatic..


Maduro ...

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