2018 march

The United States Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team Ambassadors Blue showcased its amazing skills, precise drill movements, immaculate uniform appearance, and attention to detail before Monday in Lynn Classical High School gymnasium.. ..

what happened in vegas

It’s more like a blue puddle? Anyway this angle doesn’t seem to be playing on TV, wonder why. pic.twitter.com/6hRzZfUJvu . — Rosie Memos (@almostjingo) October 23, 2018 . . ..

2018 august

For the in less than two weeks MBTA Blue Line train lost power and was stuck in the tunnel between Maverick and Aquarium stations. ..

2017 june

Story and photos by Marianne Salza The turquoise blue anchor and three American flags at the peak of Banana Boat Ice Cream stand have been iconic symbols on Revere Beach for 40 years, attracting generations of customers and visitors from across the country. ..

technoccult articles in october, 2013

That said, these classifications aren’t arranged at random; rather, they follow a stately progression comparable to that of Dante’s Divine Comedy, rising from the infernal pit of the body and its weaknesses (intellectual disabilities, motor tics) through our purgatorial interactions with the outside world..

2010 march

The soft-glow of blue ultraviolet bulbs, the smell of tropical moisturizing lotions and the sounds of peppy pop music all mean business at Revere's many indoor tanning salons core of the community. ..

technoccult articles in june, 2008

., “red” might be written in blue ink, and the task is to say “blue” while suppressing the urge to automatically read the word “red”). Reaction time is reliably increased when subjects name the ink color of incongruent words (“red” written in blue ink) relative to..

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