jews top victims of hate crimes in new york

I think the movement that is anti-Semitic is the movement, de Blasio said at Brooklyn press conference Tuesday about the increase of hate crimes New York City. By reporter that there is also rising, De Blasio did not agree with claim anti-Semitism on the in BDS movement and around the..

the trumps vs. de blasio on nyc crime

According to data from NYPD, the number of the felony offenses, has declined every year under de Blasio's as mayor. ... the population of 8.4 in 2018 was identical to what it was in 2013, the year before de Blasio took office, according to U.S. ..

bill de blasio - news

Members of Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce meet with GOP challenging NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. ... Mayor Bill de Blasio will in Jewish state on Friday to give the keynote address at Annual Conference of Mayors Jerusalem. ..

mark hertsgaard

Flanked by Nation contributors Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein, mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City was suing ExxonMobil and four other big oil companies for damages caused by climate change. ..

october 2013 – politicker

During last night's final debate, Mr de Blasio was forced to respond to criticism that he'd spent too much Manhattan and Park Slope and not enough in places like Bronx and Rockaways since securing Democratic nomination.. Backers Talk Up Bill de Blasio's Bronx Cred →... ..

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