die welt

Today it has two regional sections for Berlin and Hamburg. The paper also publishes Welt Kompact tabloid-format version of the broadsheet. ... Axel-Springer-Straße 65, 10888 Berlin redaktion@welt de. Quotes from „ Die Welt... ..

gay liberation behind the iron curtain

began granting official recognition to gay groups, such as Sunday Club, activist collective run by Sillge that had been meeting East Berlin since the early 1980s. Martin, American gay man who lived West Berlin in the 1980s, recalled, East Berlin was kind of warmer and more..

reviews from berlin and beyond 2019

A title relevantly informs viewers that it’s five years before the rise of the Berlin Wall. . High school friends Kurt and Theo sneak into a West Berlin movie theater intending to just get lots of eyefuls of actress Marion Michael’s bosom in the movie “Liane, Jungle Goddess.”  ..

can artists remake society?

Thousands of workers and sailors, dissatisfied with the stance of SPD leaders, demanded more radical policies, and revolted Berlin January. ... The city of Berlin is now commemorating the anniversary of the revolution of 1918-1919 with palette of museum exhibitions, educational events,..

der tagesspiegel

It's the third most subscribed-to Berlin and readership is still predominantly in the western districts of the city, long after the fall of Wall.. ... Askanischer Platz 3, 10963 Berlin 0049 30 29 02 10 leserbriefe@tagesspiegel de. ..

the rapprochement between paris and berlin

This is an extremely serious matter – under the appearance of uniting their efforts to work for peace, Paris and Berlin are linking their foreign policies, and will soon be linking their Defence policies. ... This is what Paris and Berlin attempted by deploying joint forces, legally in..

ten thousand students march in berlin as global

Ten Thousand Students March Berlin as Global #ClimateStrike Movement Rises. estimated ten thousand students took to the cold streets of Berlin, Germany on Friday as they added their voices to the growing youth-led global uprising that is demanding urgent and far-reaching action to address..

german colonialism part 3

Slaves working on the tobacco plantations in the frieze on Ermelerhaus, named the co-founder of Berlin Rfi Emmanuelle Chaze... ... Nazi-looted art on show Berlin... ..

on the need to shape the arab exile body in berlin

Rather it's better to consider present realities to build new manual of thought, drawn from the lived veracities of Arab world along with the experience of displacement, migration, movement, exile, alienation and Berlin into the narrative. ... Akram Zaatari, in the competition of Berlin..

merkel and macron's secret disputes

Over the past years, the differences between Berlin and Paris have been in the economics, and in the field of policy. ... Undoubtedly, in the future, we will see intensification of the disagreements between Berlin and Paris over current issues and crises in the international system. ..

the 1918 german revolution

Karl Liebknecht proclaimed a socialist republic from the balcony of Imperial Palace Berlin on  November 1918.. ... It culminated in the crushing of Berlin January 1919 organised by Sparticists and the murder of Liebknecht and Luxemburg.. ..

anti-semitic protesters sidelined at berlin demonstration

Indivisable ) march against racism, exclusion and exploitation and for open society Berlin, Oct 13, 2018 .., and anti-Semitic protesters, observers say.. ... Organizers distanced themselves unequivocally from the anti- Israel demonstrators, who depart from the common ground of our consensus,..

germans slam berlin's alignment with us on syria

Germans Berlin demonstrate to demand that the government review its stance toward Syria, April 15, 2017. Thousands of Germans have staged Berlin to demand independence of their in dealing with Syria, while condemning Berlin's with Washington in how to deal with recent alleged..

education – east german style

The below is from in DDR Museum Berlin Germany.  It speaks for itself... ... BERLIN — Seven years Chancellor Angela Merkel's party is debating the merits of reintroducing some kind of civilian or military national service for young people.. ..

berlin: new squats!

Berlin New squats. by sisulscz - May 20th, 2018.. Odenwaldstraße Ecke Stubenrauchstraße # OdenEckeStuben. ... Tags Arndt13, Berlin, Bootscchuppeb, Borni, EkecFinow, Friedel154, Funkwerk, KMS145, OdenEckeStuben, Peter16... ..

berlin may directly intervene in syria’

Critics say, however, that Berlin's increasing contribution to the war on Daesh would reinforce terrorism.. Aiman Mazyek, the head of the Central Muslim Council of Germany, branded Berlin's as recipe for failure, saying Germany and other allies are to blame for the emergence of terror..

maglab builds record-breaking magnet for berlin

HZB Berlin. This successful series-connected magnet is the result of more than 120,000 staff-hours at MagLab, said Mark Bird, MagLab's of science and in charge of Berlin project.. ... Berlin magnet was tested in location at HZB, and in coming months it will be moved to the..

german election setback to merkel

Over the coming weeks, Merkel faces the task of swinging skeptical center-right lawmakers Berlin behind the eurozone rescue measures. ... For us Berlin, this means to work with discipline on the bread-and-butter issues — the euro, the situation, jobs... ..

5 peacekeepers killed in weapons accident

BERLIN — Five European peacekeepers were killed and seven others were wounded in powerful explosion during ordnance-defusing exercise Afghanistan, the in the force's almost 3-month-old mission, Wednesday.. ... Harald Kujat, German inspector general, said Berlin.. The wounded,..

social democrats win in berlin

BERLIN -- Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democrats to Berlin elections Sunday, giving them choice of partners that could return East German communists to in the capital for the time since German reunification. ..

schroeder's party faces angry voters in berlin

Schroeder's Party Faces Angry Voters In Berlin. BERLIN - Punished by voters in several states last Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder seems headed for yet another Berlin elections Sunday. In keeping with the trend against Schroeder's governing Social Democrats, polls predict strong..

bush: berlin wall a barrier to freedom

Bring glasnost to East Berlin, in challenge directed at Gorbachev and received with applause from about 2,100 invited Germans and Americans in modern convention hall on Rhine this ancient city.. ... In summary, that growing in East, Berlin without barriers, environment, less militarized..

reagan meeting splits afghan rebel leaders

BERLIN -- Communist East Germany backed down from demands that diplomats show passports at boundaries between East and West Berlin and is issuing them new identity cards instead, Tuesday.. ... Ambassador Richard Burt and Soviet Vyacheslav Kochemasov and what one diplomat said was..

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