stylististics in english linguistics

The Count de Buffon’s famous epigram “Le style est l’homme même” (“Style is the man himself”) in his Discourse sure style (1753), and Arthur Schopenhauer’s definition of style as “the physiognomy of the mind” suggest that, no matter how calculated choices may be made, a writer’s style..

rothbard and war

Part of the answer lies in how we think about war, and here are a few vital points we need to bear in mind. . (1) Our rulers are not a law unto themselves. . ..

skeptophilia: the realm of the impossible

But my doubt about particular bits of psi doesn't imply anything categorical about the possibility of those sorts of phenomena in general, any more than my demonstration that a purported Bigfoot femur came from a bear would mean that Bigfoot doesn't exist anywhere in time and space. . ..

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