supreme court rules against 'excessive' seizure of property by states

The ruling means in states and cities, the amount of the forfeiture must bear some relationship to the gravity of the offense that it's designed to punish.. ... In 2010 case, Supreme Court ruled Amendment prevents the states, from infringing on the Second Amendment right to keep and..

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Finally, it brings market pressures to bear upon bad schools. . For these reasons school choice should be high on the agenda of state legislators, conservatives, and Christians. . ... You’ve probably heard it many times before, but it bears repeating: we must condemn actions, not..

henry david thoreau: saint of the environmental movement? — the

But before we dismiss him as too enmeshed in the woods to do us any good where we are, here in the 21st century, we should remember that our most vicious environmental problems are matters of injustice: against those whose island nations contribute so little to carbon emissions and yet are succumbing to..

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