the cost of the march

study entitled 'Economic Impact of Political Protests on Manufacturing Firms Evidence from Bangladesh shows that the cost of production of manufacturing sector rises by about 1.17 percent due to the disruption caused by strikes Bangladesh. ... In light of global evidence, especially..

1971 war: witness to history

Bangladesh Promise and Performance, Manabendranath Larma, representing the people of Chittagong Hill Tracts, be called Bangladeshis.. ... The renegades from the security forces fled to India who later became the president of Bangladesh. ..

what forces are fueling myanmar’s rohingya crisis?

Protesters have at times gathered in cities in Pakistan, India,   Thailand, Indonesia, and Bangladesh to condemn the killing and persecution of Rohingya. Bangladesh's minister condemned Rakhine as genocide September 2017 and Indonesia and Malaysia called on Myanmar authorities to..

the menace of human trafficking (part i)

Similarly Pakistan is destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. ... Refugees from Afghanistan, Burma, and Bangladesh, including Rohinyga, are particularly vulnerable to trafficking Pakistan.. ..

perilous homelands

Like Indians Uganda and Burma, Hindus Bangladesh, and Muslims India, Rohingyas became targets for attacks on their rights to life and property that opened opportunities for competitors for Arakan. To erase Rohingya population and their long history of living Arakan, Myanmar government asserts..

bangladesh: violent repression of opposition

  © 2018 Munir UZ ZAMAN AFP Getty Images Bangladesh cracked down on criticism of Awami League in advance of national elections in 2018, in its. ... Five years which led to the deaths of over 1,100 workers, Bangladesh authorities, instead of ensuring reforms, moved to end external..

myanmar's rakhine torched anew by insurgent fire

Several attacks have been reported by Tatmadaw media close to Myanmar- Bangladesh border, including one on December 3 near Border Post 64, and for the next two days force of Arakan Army soldiers, attacked Tatmadaw troops close to BP63 and BP-64, likely indicating that Rakhine insurgents have been..

factbox: bangladesh's broad media laws

- Bangladesh has some media laws to tackle issues ranging from defamation to fake news, and the spread of propaganda, these laws are now being used to curb speech and rein in press in the country... FILE PHOTO Journalists hold banners and placards Bangladesh, October 11, 2018. ..


Bangladesh- Myanmar The Danger of Forced Rohingya Repatriation on Monday, the group criticized the deal between Myanmar and Bangladesh for November repatriation of more than 2,000 Rohingya refugees, ... ... The US, European Union, Australia, Canada, and others also should press..


Draconian cyber laws and surveillance of media are some of the tools used by the government of Bangladesh to target critics ahead of elections scheduled for January 2019... ... Democracy in Crossfire Opposition Violence and Government Abuses in Pre- and Post- Election Period Bangladesh. ..

the argonaut

Bangladesh Night will return to University of Idaho campus Sunday evening, bringing together students and Palouse members celebration of Bangladeshi culture. Hosted by UI Bangladesh Association of Students and Scholars, Bangladesh Night began in 2017 to better educate people..


With our situation worsening from massive flooding India to Bangladesh, fire-nados raging out of control from Siberia to California and record high temperatures Scandinavia and Arctic, etc you and your organization are encouraged to join RISE FOR CLIMATE JOBS & JUSTICE on Saturday, September. ..

bangladesh: elections scarred by violence

Election materials burn following attack on in the town of Bogra, Bangladesh, on January 5, 2014. © 2014 Stringer AFP Getty Images Bangladesh's government and members of rival political parties all responsibility for the violence. ... Attackers in several locations also vandalized..

bangladesh: taking sides — the revealer

They have sought justice for the violence inflicted on East Pakistan by Pakistani Army and collaborators during Liberation War from West Pakistan.  ... BNP has also acquired pro- Islam President Ziaur Rahman replaced Bangladesh's with absolute trust and faith Allah and seek..

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