briefing by spokesperson for secretary-general

Inaugurated in 2018, the bank was created by General Assembly to improve Least Developed Countries scientific research and innovation base, promote networking among research institutions and help LDCs to access and utilize critical and appropriate technologies in the effort to achieve Sustainable..

crimea: conscription violates international law

In resolutions adopted in 2014 and 2016, UN General Assembly affirmed its commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity, and integrity of Ukraine within its recognized borders and called on Russia to uphold its obligations under law as occupying power.. ..

the us tramples on international law : indybay

The General Assembly should also pass a resolution similar to the resolutions condemning the US sanctions against Cuba. ... I believe this international tribunal would have to conclude sanctions kill if this question were raised by the General Assembly to the level of an international..

entering an era of world revolution

Not long where the movement, became insurrection that forced the government to flee Quito and close the national assembly.. ... For few moments, the movement took control of National Assembly, with the intention of installing People's Assembly.. ..

oas, eu, usa: out of bolivia!

The plebeian component of the anti-government mobilisations is very evident at present and even makes up the in regions of the country, such as Potosà and Chuquisaca, where unions, Departmental Workers Union COD, small shopkeepers and representatives of Q'ara Q'ara nation. ..

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