your illinois news radar » it’s just a bill

The bill, which has been proposed in the Illinois General Assembly for six years in a row so far, would allow for the sale of motor vehicles on any six days of the week chosen by the business owner. . . * More bills… . * Proposed Illinois law would require sex education programs to focus more on..

algeria: "down with the system"

Next Friday, PST will mobilise with all its forces to try to broadcast our ideas, in particular about Constituent Assembly, that is, workers, the unemployed, women, all those excluded by the capitalist system. ... Our country is living through revolution which aims to overthrow the in place and..

the cia “hybrid war” against venezuela

The position expressed by Mourão at the meeting of the Lima Group influenced the position of the Argentine generals, who, despite the warlike statements of Argentinian President Macri, categorically pointed out: “The Argentinean armed forces could only integrate a peacekeeping mission to Venezuela if it..

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