tampa bay rebellion

Trump administration's assault on the environment is representative of fossil fuel industry.  But we have not the luxury of obsessing over it, as the media that helped to put him power would have us do. ..

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By the potential political maneuvering of the branch, Wisconsin law, written by the legislature and signed into law by governor, should not be erased, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in joint statement.. ..

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Never,' Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told reporters in October. His spokeswoman said after the election that it was not a priority. . ..


mariela castro reiterates support for same-sex marriage in cuba

Mariela Castro, member of Cuban National Assembly who is director of National Center for Sexual Education, spearheads LGBTI-specific issues on the island.. National Assembly in the coming weeks is expected to finalize the draft of the proposed new constitution that includes amendment. ..

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