kyrsten sinema wins arizona senate race

 Representative Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat and former worker, scored in the race for Senate seat Arizona, defeating Republican opponent after waging in. Sinema's over Martha McSally, Republican congresswoman and former Air Force pilot, marks Democratic triumph since 1976 in battle for..

vote late vote often

Democrats Florida, Georgia, and Arizona are continuing to 'count the in the election and, curiously, as they continue to count, Democrats either take the lead or close the gap... ..

mid-term election turmoil ferments anger nationwide

it's best to have Democrats controlling House and Republicans controlling Senate. ... Democrats should have been content that the recent elections Nevada, New Hampshire, Arizona, Colorado, Midwest swing states, and the legalization of felon voting Florida, was enormous boost to..

the terror-reinforcing primary

In early October, some polls showed the Democrat within a point of Hunter. . For her part, Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was formerly with the Green Party and made a name for herself organizing rallies against the war in Iraq. ..

horner distorts emmer’s immigration statement

During Friday's debate at University of Minnesota the candidates for Minnesota Governor are asked if they would support the adoption of similar to Arizona's law.  Democrat Mark Dayton and Independence Party candidate thought Arizona had law did not want it Minnesota. ..

gop, democrats split governor's races in key states

Still, their victories Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Maine and New Mexico were balanced by Republicans holding on to one of the top prizes, Florida, and the governor's offices Ohio and Arizona. Democrats toppling of Republican Scott Walker Wisconsin completed sweep for the in..


The top ten states with high concentrations of Latino voters are California, Texas, New York, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Virginia, and Nevada. In 2008, Democrats won California, New York, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, and Virginia.. ..


American ...

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