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Argentine Senate's of bill to legalise abortion did not stop Latin American movement. ... Now that the wind no longer blows her roof off and her house belongs to her, Cristina López feels in the shantytown where she lives on the outskirts of Argentine capital. ..

argentina compared to brazil

There was prediction from Peter Zeihan that Japan, Argentina and Turkey would emerge as regionally dominant powers. Japan would dominate Asia, Argentina would dominate South America and Turkey would dominate the area of Europe and Middle East near it. ..

saudi war crimes in yemen

Argentina is undergoing process of change, about the country's transformation because we need relationship with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.  . HRW's Middle East and North Africa Sarah Leah Whitson said here's strong basis for Argentina to examine broad record of documentation..

china eyes argentina nuclear deal

Argentina hopes to announce agreement on Chinese-financed of Atucha III power plant during Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit on Sunday following the summit of leaders of G20 industrialized nations Buenos Aires, Juan Pablo Tripodi, head of Argentina's national investment agency,..


TEHRAN - Human Rights Watch requested Argentine judicial authorities to use domestic clause to arrest and prosecute Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman for war crimes Yemen and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi when he enters Argentina later this week to attend G20 summit.. ... The..

argentina: pass law to legalize abortion

By ending the unfair and harmful status quo that puts their lives and health at risk, The Argentine Senate has opportunity to protect the rights of women and girls, said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas at Human Rights Watch.. Argentina should join the trend toward expanding legal grounds..

they are afraid of us

With Ireland, with Poland and the feminist tide Argentina, Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church to. ... What was at stake in the in the Argentine Senate also demonstrates the strength of scene that, the world is watching.. ..

new pope, same old homophobia

Bergoglio honored his Italian and Argentinian heritage by choosing for Pope Francis I, rather than taking Benedict from his predecessor. ... Argentina passed in 2010 anyway, becoming Latin American nation to do so. ..

top 10 last 20th century war veterans

The Falklands War also called Falklands Conflict Crisis, was in 1982 between Argentina and United Kingdom over Falkland Islands and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.. The Falklands War started on Friday, April 2, 1982, with Argentine and occupation of Falkland Islands and South..

top 10 controversial territorial disputes

Closely linked to Falkland Islands, these islands have also been the focus of the rift between Argentina and United Kingdom since the pioneers sailed to the in the century. ... Argentina continues to claim sovereignty over South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, to this day, the..

spanish judge chases bin laden

This spring, GarzM-sn petitioned Mexico to extradite Argentine military officer, Ricardo Miguel Cavallo, accusing him of committing atrocities under Argentine dictatorship. In July, the judge asked Argentina to arrest 39 officers and one civilian accused of genocide, torture and..

president takes on argentine justices

BUENOS AIRES — Argentina's new president, Nestor Kirchner, has called on Congress to reinstate impeachment proceedings against the nation's hated Supreme Court, accusing justices of holding the hostage so as to obtain personal or institutional advantages or guarantees... Argentina needs..

military leaders on trial over massacre

BUENOS AIRES -- Switzerland has approved Argentina's extradition request for man wanted connection with the bombing of Jewish Buenos Aires in 1994, Argentine Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.. ... Dos Santos presented at Argentine, Israeli and Brazilian consulates Italy in the..


Nominated Feb 25, 1856, to be Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Argentine Confederation before Senate acted upon it. ... He held several brief and important ambassadorships, to Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, Guatemala, and Chile . ..


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