anti-semitic aggression in france

These anti-Semitic acts bear the ideological signature of the far right.. ... Nevertheless, the government and its allies have decided to seize upon such incidents and use them against the yellow vests, violence, anti-parliamentarianism and anti-Semitism.. ..

the left’s anti-semitism problem

Recall that in 2015 Mark Levin made point on his radio show of calling out anti-Semitism in Obama White House, saying this.. ... By their refusal to separate themselves from groups that espouse these racist, In opposition to our Unity Principles, they have allowed anti-Semitism,..

ilhan omar’s anti-semitism controversy, explained

Her views on Israel are relevant to anti-Semitism debate Omar, more has come under scrutiny for her positions on Israel, or BDS.. ... Who is Kevin McCarthy to call out Omar on anti-Semitism, say his critics, when he once accused Jewish billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg of..

cuba and anti-imperialism

FOR MANY Latin American leftists, the Cuban government has been a consistently anti-imperialist force and a stronghold of progressive and national liberation movements. ... In spite of having been forced by the Soviets to curtail its support for the Latin American guerrillas, Cuba continued to back..

women's march and anti-semitism

In their memory and in the memory of the six million other precious souls, men, women, and children who were indiscriminately killed, as well as in the memory of the millions of others throughout our history who were brutally murdered at the hands of anti-semites, we must stand up for our people..

anti-zionism is, by definition, anti-semitism

The statement is comprised of shameful lies about Jewish state, and its words should be taken, for they epitomize anti- Zionist toward Israel.. ... One should not define anti-Semitism anti-Semitism is, to paraphrase Bernard Lewis, about assigning restrictive, disadvantageous..

italy building anti-eu axis

In any event, Salvini and Orbán have pledged to create an 'anti-immigration axis' aimed at countering the pro-migration policies of the European Union. ... Alexander Gauland, leader of the anti-mass-migration party Alternative for Germany, described it as an 'erosion of our national..

spurs and anti-semitism « lrb blog

Last week, the World Jewish Congress condemned football fans for using 'yid, 'either because it carries 'a distinctly pejorative and anti-Semitic It does not always carry it, obviously. ... anti-Semites have to make it painfully obvious, like Chelsea fans who took flag with SS symbol to..

anti-semites on the (women’s) march

She's also argued that while anti-Semitism is something that impacts Jewish Americans, it's different than anti-black racism or Islamophobia because it's not systemic. ( Sarsour might want to examine the statistics on hate crimes in U.S. ... The reaction to Tablet story about Sarsour..

anti-fascism is a feminist issue

In London on October 13th the newly formed Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly organised and led bloc at the front of the counter-demonstration against the far right Democratic Football Lads Alliance. ... Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly seeks to develop inclusive political space which addresses..

gaslighting, anti-jewish and anti-muslim rhetoric:

In our current political era, those who use  anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic rhetoric are very aware of what they’re saying, and they know how to speak in covert terms in order to make it seem like they’re not doing it at all. ... When it comes to anti-Muslim speech, the language..

what is unique about anti-semitism?

Anti-Semites say Jews control the media, Jews control the banks, Jews control Congress and so on all for their own benefit when this is what they themselves wish to do. This dynamic is also in anti-Semitic rants of minority of purportedly Christians or Muslims. ..

how the pundits misunderstand anti-semitism

On the one hand, Trump is racist who inspires anti-Semites and other bigots, and on the other hand, he is pro- Israel politician. Labour Party, and Linda Sarsour, anti- Israel activist and leader of Women's March, were quick to declare their opposition to anti-Semitic after..

anti-semitism in america « lrb blog

anti-Semitism employs racism, ethnocentrism, economic anxieties, populist myths, and religious bigotry to construct its polemics and practices, so anti-Semite has grab-bag of weapons to reach for.. I think that the polite forms of anti-Semitism under variety of guises in the US,..

countering anti-trans bigotry in britain

In Hungary, the far-right, anti-Semitic Prime Minister Viktor Orban has this week banned university gender studies courses on the grounds that “people are born either male or female.” . ... For example, A Woman’s Place had to distance itself from one member, scheduled as a speaker for the..

universalism, particularism, and anti-semitism

In 1938, Mussolini's regime introduced anti-Semitic legislation that culminated in the deportation of thousands of Italian Jews to Auschwitz.. ... For the world to emancipate from anti-Semitism, religions and political movements will have to accept freedom of conscience and pluralism. ..

iranian pseudo anti-imperialism

Overlooking the history of Iran the nationalization of Iran oil industry by Mohammad Mosaddegh and in the region, they substitute anti-imperialism with superficial form of anti- Americanism post-revolutionary Iran. ... In the vein, however, without the history of American military..

the ‘anti-anti-semites’ are on the rise

While Labour Party adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's of anti-Semitism, which is seen Corbyn, is regarded as hostile to Jewish sensitivities.. The AJC's Markiewicz sought to underscore the complexities of anti-Semitism on Continent and the pushback against it,..

israel’s anti-semitism smear campaign

It was to combat the specter of BDS that Trump administration, with the support of pro- Israel legislators Congress, has now adopted IHRA of anti-Semitism, according to. ... By charging one of the most principled anti, There is little evidence, so far, that, in these scoundrel times,..

fact-finding labour’s “anti-semitism” crisis

This anti-Corbyn faction in the Labour party is made up of two overlapping groups: increasingly marginalized supporters of the former leader Tony Blair whose neoliberal “Thatcher lite” agenda has been superseded by Corbyn’s push to reclaim and revitalize Labour’s socialist origins; and a..

secret anti-terror court at issue

Secret anti-terror court at issue . . Civil libertarians argue that tribunals would violate rights . ... A swiftly passed anti-terrorism law has greatly expanded the FBI's powers to track suspected terrorists through wiretaps and searches. ..

anti-gay funeral protesters sued

Anti-gay funeral protesters sued . . Father of slain Westminster Marine says members defamed him, invaded family's privacy . . ... The father of a Westminster Marine whose funeral was picketed by an anti-gay group is accusing its members of defaming him, invading the family's privacy and..

the anti-court court

The Court upheld Obamacare, and struck down Arizona’s anti-immigrant law that would have imposed onerous penalties on foreign nationals here who overstayed their visas. . ... At every stage, it has favored rules that make it more difficult to pursue justice in the courts, so much so that Tribe and..

anti-vaxxers on the rise

This is one of my greatest fears about the advance of medicine and anti-scientific medical views that they will affect the profession. ... The persistence of anti-vaxxers is good overall measure of how we're doing, simultaneously reminder of the stakes. ..

anti-imperial marxism

PPS was involved in the movement and its push for collaboration with Russians found favorable response from Russian Socialist Revolutionaries, as Russian Iskraists preferred alliance with Rosa Luxemburg's smaller stridently anti-nationalist party. ... Lenin and most top Bolshevik leaders, seeing..

russia: anti-gay purge in chechnya

The 42-page report, 'They Have Long Arms and They Can Find Me Anti-Gay Purge by Local Authorities Russia's Chechen Republic, is based on first-hand interviews with victims of the campaign against men that Chechnya's and security officials conducted in spring, 2017... ... Novaya Gazeta, Russian,..

politics and ukraine's anti-corruption push

On similar note, Transparency International, Berlin-based anti-corruption organization, released a report stating that the highest officials of Ukraine have attempted to establish through Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin personal control over the key anti-corruption bodies to make them..

is boycotting israel anti-semitic?

By the storm troopers of our time, The official boycott Israel site and is headlined, Palestine story is just anti-Semitism re-branded--instigated and supported... ... Regarding the accusation of anti-Semitism leveled at BDS, he replied that such accusation is anti-Semitic,..

anti-war soldier, activist to speak

Anti-war soldier, activist to speak . . March 13, 2009 | Tribune Staff Report . . . . ... Camilo Mejía, an anti-war activist, is a former Florida National Guard staff sergeant and conscientious objector who was court-martialed and jailed for desertion. ..

bomb kills anti-syria lawmaker

BEIRUT -- In what is becoming Lebanon, car bomb killed anti- Syrian of Wednesday, just days before parliament was due to meet to elect president. ... Ghanem was the member of parliament to be assassinated in the 10 months and the member of anti- Syrian March movement to be killed since..

anti-podean journal

He did not have to win support from City Vision members, he did not have to undergo the scrutiny of nomination race, he did not have the opportunity to build the profile that such race would have afforded him.. ..

anti-apartheid activists on tuesday...

Anti-apartheid activists on Tuesday accused the government of reneging on promise to release number of detainees as South Africa marked its 1, of emergency. ... He is detainee and spokesman for United Democratic Front, the largest anti-apartheid coalition... ..

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