us: bill would shut doors to central americans

Scott Applewhite United States Senate Judiciary Committee on August 1, 2019, forwarded bill to Senate that would except shut US doors to Central American refugees, today. ... Through the first three-quarters of this fiscal year, United States has chosen to admit 306 Central American..


One of the greatest revelations about Libya came from American business people who were on Libya during the time of the invasion. ... Sadly American CIA and FBI and other government officials America have tried to cover-up this reality and the attack and attempted murder of..

american immigrant

In short, to be American was to subscribe to those principles which Declaration of Independence proclaims and Constitution protects... ... What ultimately overcame the regime was American creed President Ford reached for in my judgment the achievement of our 200 years as nation... ..

columbus changed the world — adam smith institute

The United States, Canada and Latin- American countries have contributed much to the economies and cultures of the world since then. The US adopted Britain's Industrial Revolution and applied American know-how to it to develop new technologies that would impact on the lives of every..

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